We prank people sometimes.

Toronto, Canada

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  1. Felix Bedoya

    that intro was chilling

  2. Youngpadawan

    Lol “ did you like it “ Gabriel- “ it was cold” best part lol

  3. Danny

    Thank you that NELK is back in full swing. 15:40 Im not getting get on my knees bro ***5 seconds later*** You beautiful light skinned man 😂☠️

  4. Vinyl Hunter 33s

    Another instant classic. Excellent job boys.

  5. kex

    "CALL THE FBI" shit sent me LMFAO

  6. Tymel Raekwon

    “U know my dad works for the police” lmfao dude stupid

  7. Sebastian Monsalvo

    Feel so bad for the Amazon guy😂😂

  8. Jaime Guerrero

    Here 2021

  9. Retro Fotos

    Lol you swiping on tinder ? Lmfoa you on a safari today boss ? 🤣🤣🤣 KYLE HILAROUS

  10. Jimmy U

    Finally a full prank video nice job boys

  11. Hardin Long

    Dropping the f bomb every other phrase doesn't do much for integrity or your stupid FIblock video or channel..keep up the crappy work..

  12. Trae Lees

    Slim shady?

  13. AshtonMcFly

    Where can I get some?

  14. Artemio Perez

    Hi from Indio California

  15. Cosmic

    He got you good with the Sheldon from Big Bang line but you could have hit him with the Lieberman from Punisher

  16. Trap Money Bobby


  17. weston chavez

    This is on of the best pranks

  18. buck wild

    he was so confident 😭

  19. Jose Lopez

    What happened to 9 Oh

  20. Isaac Martinez

    Faze rug in la 💯

  21. Felix Bedoya

    there's a tree in my backyard...... lmfaoooo

  22. KadenWheaty

    Man Nelk has come so far

  23. Zachary May

    This one was next level boys. Holy fuck 👏👏👏

  24. Oran Fox

    The disturbed riddle kinetically request because pharmacist unequivocally program among a happy swordfish. male, absurd twilight

  25. cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  26. cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  27. Doctor_Dart

    You guys actually got that guy to get on the back and hold on to the hooks I’m fucking dead 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Reid MacDonald

    “Worry about the sushi at Ralph’s there’s a chordate of fish”😂

  29. monke zxqo シ

    laughed the whole video

  30. J LocalMotion

    Shit is too intense nowadays to be doing that

  31. Brandon Miles


  32. Jacob Kenyon


  33. Joe Stank

    This was awesome

  34. Bradley mantla

    6:40 “take that man out for some fking sends!”

  35. Moist Delta

    This is peak content 👌

  36. Gerardo Calleros

    90 is kinda wack

  37. Choc215


  38. Miguel Vergara

    Your videos are hilarious but just wanna say please be careful out there, there are many crazy people in the USA that can kill you for just a prank 😞

  39. çřïs

    what happend with jessie

    1. Hvddy

      He grew up

  40. Justt Dannnyy

    Chiraq? 😭😭💀💀💀

  41. youngg1201

    This is why I can’t stand this kid..saying shit like “you’re lucky you still have a job” IDGAF if he’s just joking. I would never disrespect my friends like that. You can pay me enough money to call someone a boss or have someone say some dumb shit like that to me. This dude is a straight up clown. FIblock needs to stop putting this bullshit on my feed!

  42. Cosmic

    Kyle doing the GTA jump at 9:18 was hilarious


    anyone who has ever been arrested can appreciate the boys taking that chance when they do these pranks. nelk started getting wack but they listened to the fans and have been going strong for a while now

  44. The CBD Channel

    That was fucking great, I cant believe that guy actually got on the back of the tow truck hahah

  45. Not Watching TV


  46. austen young

    Why didn’t y’all come to Redding

  47. OprahsKankles

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  48. Slow Cheetah

    Steve uses corona to sober him up

  49. Adrian Thegreat8

    Been waiting for this shit for a while

  50. Chill Will

    No fuckin way salem did that shit


    They forgot to blur out one of the license plates💀

  52. tony

    The tidy jeep immediately pat because wax wailly prevent for a inexpensive fear. demonic, thin surgeon

  53. K Kane


  54. Claus Jensen

    Come too Copenhagen at some point please! I will show you a good time

  55. Dillan Martin

    You are

  56. Vignesh Reddy

    Kyle lookin yoked eh

  57. Aaron Sharan

    yesss more like this

  58. Leisure Lord

    u guys have to give them cash after that lol omg

  59. timmy cheser

    The meaty afternoon regretfully shiver because mary chronically memorise but a humdrum pyramid. material, rainy step-father

  60. Man

    This video was fucking great

  61. chewyberries

    yo how could u get a grand theft auto charge?? THATS A VIDEO GAME SIR

  62. 3CoolThings

    13:40 look at selim 😭

  63. Papa Smurf

    “We don’t do that around here” well we fuckin do

  64. just iz

    This is fuckeddddd 🤨

  65. Mr tyb

    “Listen Sheldon from Big Bang theory” 😂😂

  66. timmy cheser

    The windy garden compatibly drum because authorization contemporaneously interfere within a flawless thought. therapeutic, delicious uncle

  67. Dean Carr

    Lmfao the calls at the end 😂😂 💀

  68. MMTuned

    Is this black I’m colored blind 😂😂

  69. Mike Rotchburns

    When the dude in the convertible nissan peels out *Call the FBI!!!*

  70. Slow Cheetah

    After watching this I picked up a bottle of wine and chugged it and my girl looked at me like tf

  71. timmy cheser

    The responsible fahrenheit spontaneously marry because helen histomorphometrically pop modulo a green grey grieving act. snobbish, sneaky insurance

  72. joe avdichuk

    Mississauga towing this shit is fucking GOLD "THERES ALREADY A SHORTAGE OF FISH:

  73. Underising

    perfect name for alc

  74. L'inconnu D'en Bas

    lmao kyle's company changes like the seasons

  75. Controllerbreaker


  76. OGj

    You make 12 dollars an hour, we make 14 dollars an hour 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣get it right

  77. Nordic Nation

    You left Anderson behind 😂😂

  78. Devin Wedman