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Bowling in Other People's Lanes! (AGE RESTRICTED)


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    1. Adam Ryan

      Damn FIblock straight unsubscribed me from the nelk channel, FIblock really hates yall lol

      1. Hackz GamezYT

        Yo tf same

      2. DC fishing

        me too wtf

      3. mansisity

        Same shit happened to me on god

      4. ImJustTooShifty

        Who else looked and seen they weren’t subbed as well 😂

      5. DopeOnRope

        I've had it happen about 4 times in past 3 months

    2. Kevin L

      Steve's so anxious with the fans who randomly show up. I would be the same lmao

    3. Tadi Wright

      I actually am from there lmao

    4. Christian Ramirez

      Had to join sendclub after this

    5. jack ssa

      ballers intro song

    6. Fipppy

      You guys are ham

    7. Pablo Sellalot

      Wahhh I'll go get my gun ....😺😺😺

    8. Deive Mendoza

      This one was good hell yes NELK!!!

    9. Ethan Kincy

      “I’ll go get my gun and shoot all you motherfuckers” You’re not that guy pal

    10. Juan Valdez

      Wtf haha FIblock unscribed me from your channel 😂 let’s go boyssss the ain’t stopping nelk!

    11. Henry T


    12. Donte

      These Karen’s HEATED bout bowlin😭😭😭😭😂😂😂💜

    13. Joey Recio

      Imagine these guys making cinematic movies and selling out theaters

    14. Max

      Canadians are just the English version of Americans

      1. Alfredo Barragan

        No not all

    15. Nicholas Kenneth Paul Baskier

      Where u boys aways find the birds for the intros?

      1. Gianna Nati

        @Nicholas Kenneth Paul Baskier that’s fucking gross lmao

      2. Nicholas Kenneth Paul Baskier

        @Gianna Nati cause they’re always diggin for my worm

      3. Gianna Nati

        why do you call women birds…

    16. Brown Boy

      Y'all some real niggas

    17. Lil Prada G

      crazy ahh😂😂😂

    18. Hunt Fritch

      Haven’t y’all ever see the big Lebowski lmfaooo

    19. Abdullah


    20. joe ward

      16:14 🤣

    21. Chex NFX

      A few really slow guys in this lol

    22. Jordan Abbotty

      He seen bradley and realised he needed his gun if he was going to take this any further

    23. David Pignone

      Wow, bowling people get mad mad. Diff breed

    24. Dalton Couey


    25. R H

      Goodbye send house 🏠 time for new beginnings love rewatching the vids 🍾🍻🎉🎊🥳🎈

    26. ItsPeterParker7


    27. ItsPeterParker7

      I hope I meet these guys in person and out of generosity help a dawg out. Ppl struggling during this pandemic emotionally physically financially. Y’all hard work and believing in yourself mentality rubs off. Keep the hard FSNELK FOREVA

    28. Matthew Gamman

      that guy that threatened to get his gun, i think thats the reason that the dems feel like there needs to be gun control

    29. Tlapaltehuilotl Itztli

      You tube unsubscribed me from yall after watching the video

    30. alberto hernandez

      Smell this glove 😂😂😂😂

    31. josephalton95

      Imagine threatening to shoot someone over bowling

    32. Julian Valles

      As a responsible gun owner, we don’t claim the clown at the end. #fullsend

    33. Evan Courtney


    34. Mawee Mo

      why is no one talking abt the minorities

    35. Exclusive


    36. O M E N

      This really is like the old days when we all use to watch pranks on FIblock except these are the real deal and have the best possible production team and vibe😁

    37. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭

    38. Nick M

      Security smart asf

    39. different songs From good singers

      What are those song’s name

    40. TY Prod

      “We dont have to keep going.” (Next clip they’re at another alley) 😂

    41. Darren Pats

      When that song starts around 19:20 you know some shit it about to go down!

    42. Kyle Koskin

      Aye Im in Tahoe, lmk if you guys ever coke by!🤘

    43. CREEPYCOW 55

      It was so funny that guy actually smelled the glove

    44. poop butt


    45. Aqua Diamond8

      Song name at the beginning of the video?

    46. Marek Krajczok

      You guys fucking lit

    47. JAY-ROD

      I put sum gold up on my teeth and my Medallion

    48. Trevor Begaye


    49. Sean McGuire

      Steve said, "your gonna kick out the Tahoe titans?

    50. Ethan LiL ET

      Full send lets goooooo

    51. Anesa Jaikaran

      I'm frm Guyana

    52. Joe Oner

      You’re on thin ice 😂😂😂😂😂😂 white trump supporters sayings 😂😂

    53. Jessi Bache

      y’all need to come party in denver

    54. Facts 101

      I hate the long ass commentary then 2 minute of the prank

    55. Rusty Shunt

      It’s kind of like Jackass except everyone sucks and it isn’t funny. Nice!

    56. JDS

      i cant even turn on the noties

    57. Eric

      Death threats over bowling :/

    58. Lyxzen

      should've had bradley on that last part that woulda been funny asf

    59. Mario Saldana

      Outro song??

    60. Phillip Ramirez

      Love u more

    61. Erik Argueta

      This video gives me hope 🚶

    62. Morgan Lepow

      “We’re Tahoe babies” lmfao

    63. Big chungus E

      bro maturing is understanding that this shits just annoying

    64. CAM BONE

      That’s how I feel about Steve too. I’d be so sad if Steve didn’t show up with the Nelk boys

    65. Andres Enriquez

      Nelk should open a club and have a shotgun area for competition

    66. big fish

      Fuck yeah NELK boys! Commenting for the boost👍

    67. Freak ED


    68. My name now has to be a secret.

      Dodge Durango: let me introduce myself

    69. Mitch

      Hometown love rn

    70. jac whitey

      Carrying FIblock and you don’t pay them 🤣

    71. Bradley Stephenson

      Aye u boys coming to Australia ever like that wold be a full send

    72. Gavin kielly

      Miss Jesse

    73. Xavier B

      G-Eazy 🔥💪🏿

    74. thedeafgenius

      Whoever the editor is....he keeps turning off the closed captions on purpose. Not cool.

    75. troy relax

      damn youtube isnt giving me a chance to skip the 2-5 minute long commercials. they are really trying to shut nelk down.. shits not gonna happen youtube so might as well stop!!

    76. Connor White

      ballsy vid

    77. tom keane

      Next Nelk video “Shitting on other peoples bowling lanes”

    78. Carl Crichlow

      Y'all left my man dizzy off the tequila hahah poor dude

    79. Devin Stevens

      Who the fuck dislikes these videos?

    80. Zack Fisher

      This stuff isn’t really funny to me anymore. You guys are getting too old for this content

    81. VeteranAunt 508

      Shit just imagine your reaction will you be scare or hype?

    82. Nate Szuberla

      part 2

    83. Cailan Hornbeak

      yall funny asf

    84. GRAY

      This video makes me sad for the kids that think this is cool.

    85. GRAY

      Lame ass scam.

    86. Jack

      They got the minorities in this

    87. casey davidson

      Billy D half sender ayeee

    88. Charles7k

      16:28 👆👃🏻🤭🤣

    89. Leonardo Cruz

      FIblock is trash bro ong

    90. Leonardo Cruz

      FIblock is trash bro ong

    91. Mac

      bro how are these dudes that heated over some bowling lmao. High-light of their month.

    92. Yngk Yng

      Funny story I accudentally bowled in another persons lane haha

    93. Kev Jakobson

      Verify your age Complete a brief check to show you're old enough to watch this video. Learn more i cant watch your videos anymore ;-( very sad

    94. Joshua Stubbs

      Where’s jesse

    95. Dixie Normus

      touches salim like he’s tough, sees brad and runs

    96. Danny Melton

      well that guy who threanted to use his gun out of that much anger should not be allowed to own a gun, CLEARLY hes not responsible

    97. Chris Thompson

      8:12 what’s the lil baby song

    98. Kyle Carpenter

      If somebody say “i may look small but I’ll fuck you up” 99% they cappin

    99. Po Wasjington

      These guys are like Erdogan

    100. Trent

      Why tf the bowlers keep saying “right on”