Buying a $10 Million Yacht in Bitcoin!


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    1. Ja Km

      ROAD TO 10 MIL !!!! Lets go boys!!!!

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      4. Ammar On oak

        @Ammar noice

      5. Ammar

        @Ammar On oak Mhm

    2. Sa Sa

      Bro can the ice cream truck prank again

    3. ZSTRODE.

      Man the handshake thing made me laugh so much 🤣🤣😅

    4. Nathan Damashek

      everyone wearing masks lol

    5. John Ricciardi

      Jesus everyone is a fucking saint in the comments lol. It's a PRANK video! I thought this was one of the funniest ones I've seen. The whole point is to get a reaction out of people... how do you expect them to do that by being nice and kissing ass to everyone, how would that be funny???

    6. StinkyColas


    7. RaytjeKn

      Funny that right now you actually paid 5 million dollars.

    8. Anthony Lugo

      great move. right before the dip!!

    9. ytmas0n_5708

      I'm vaccinated btw who gives af

    10. malenkas3

      😁 That man drew a line when Kyle insinuated that he listens to a Pitbullbat his pregames

    11. robertgam

      This yacht prank is probably one of the best videos you guys have ever done. Lucas fits in so well

    12. Ivory Gone Crazy

      If salim added the satchel to that fit, easy kills on the board

    13. raymond c

      Boat rides you say snm


      Probably thought you were discriminating cause she’s Asian.

    15. 5tay Tuned

      7:43 💀 8:25 💀 11:26 💀 12:51 💀 14:06 💀 15:08 💀

    16. Sim & Jay Vlogs

      that yacht guy is 100% jamaican lmao


      Denison at 260k lmao noice bOIZ

    18. Jojo Otero

      Why did he feel like he needed to tell u he’s vaccinated like a fucking robot

    19. Darren Blakley

      Get rid of gambles

    20. Jose’s BBQ

      LMAOOO “ he can’t hear you “

    21. T - Master!


    22. Road Runnerr

      12:55 killed me

    23. Bakarri Bykerk

      Surprisingly I was already subscribed toand yachting

    24. Oscar Alcorta

      " I sell to who I want" 😭 lmfao

    25. Jeffrey Rosario

      10:43 Lucas’s face got me dead💀💀💀

    26. Jesper Ness

      Where can i search for a suit like the one Salim is wearing

    27. Jesper Ness

      What’s the colour of Salim’s suit?

    28. Santi Wiles

      Feel bad for the guy 8:40

    29. My Toe

      god damn this may be one of the best kyle performances

    30. chemdawg

      you guys probably listen to pitbull at all your pregames 😂😂

    31. Jonathan Villasana


    32. Juju

      This shit is too funny

    33. Gurlal Dhillon


    34. Sarrox

      Bruh 8.39 was so bad

    35. Lin Aung

      Trash content

    36. benraimondo

      The noxious mayonnaise latterly tour because paperback presently surround against a deafening pelican. nonstop, meaty trail

    37. Jimmy The Tutor

      god those hand shakes had me dying

    38. Niko Damask

      Craig deserved better.

    39. Flight In June

      Incredible!! I got the same yacht parked up on the beach infront of my 30,000,000 million dollar mansion in Miami Beach!! Love it!! Nice!!

    40. Stef 04

      Denisons now at 293k blow it up boyd

    41. Smoker boy

      Yo you there’s not A lot of people like you guys keep it up🥺

    42. Guapo 12gage


    43. Jeff Howard

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    44. Mud Gaming

      Bro I watched this twice and I didn’t notice salami looks like the one dude from get out movie hahah

    45. weedknowledge420

      "but you cant right, so you gotta talk to me" had me dying lmfao

    46. Robbie Omahony

      This video was too harsh. The new content has been great but this one aint it

    47. Robbie Omahony

      Anyone else pissed at how rude they act at times. Shits funny most of the time but they cross the line with disrespectful shit that isnt funny sometimes, like not shaking that guys hand. C'mon should be better than that

    48. Andrew W

      Talk to rafiki, but you can’t, because his deaf. So your going to be talking to me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Cam King

      they were at 98k now they at 253k

    50. lil Palac3

      when Kyle said im trying to lower my carbon footprint, got me dead

    51. Maximus Tierney

      when he said he had a girlfriend they iced coffee girl got so pissed at him. But then he just said invest in my bit-clout and then said She has a boyfriend. Dumb bitch.

    52. Ambrielle Ashley

      Why do i always gets second hand embarressment about everything that they do🙈😂

    53. blue slime

      totaly rude

    54. Betteroffdead 444

      Salim looking like the slave from the get out movie 😭😂

    55. Hoss FN

      When salim walked out of the store he looked kinda sped

    56. Emil Baowzfeldt


    57. 404 7.62

      Guy at 10:53 looks like that guy who was in the Australian or Canadian military that was dressing up in womens underwear and murdering ppl

    58. Brandon K

      Damn wish I could afford that. I can even make my truck payments on time. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    59. Christian Smith

      Ayeeee good job Senders we got them to 250k subs, halfway there💪🏾 more boats rides= even more dope ass yacht parties🥳

    60. Jupiiter

      “strippers, bitches... midgets..”

    61. Carter Gell

      You guys should come to my ice cream truck on Long Island lmaooo!!! Check out the tok or insta @the_softee_guys that would be awesome

    62. amelia acquarulo


    63. Oliver Besim

      at 11:27 the man took note on what gets pussy 1000% he is gonna do that whit his wife or smt hahaha

    64. Knxght

      Lol I Love Lucas his Canadian accent makes shit so funny. “The old fuckin wheel ey!?”

    65. Cj Martinez

      Bro saliam looks like a little black teen in tha 50s 😂😂

    66. Pokémon Pat

      He said rewatching that’s so raven 😭

    67. Tango Nay

      Aiy you got em past 100k! I expect a fucking yacht party soon boys!!!!

    68. Frank Bacchus

      Why is salim always deaf I’m actually fucking dying


      Pretending to be deaf. Fucking classic.

    70. MrVozo

      Bois whats up with Jesse?

    71. Thomas Bennett

      When Salim got that suit I literally live 2 minutes away from that plaza omfg it’s in Boca raton

    72. Bryan Birney

      Salim's the best! Seriously the funniest!

    73. Bryan Birney

      The sike shake at 8:00 is gold!

    74. Turbo Ashish

      9:04 that laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

    75. Hulk Smash

      It hurts to watch😭 goddamn nelk you make me wanna turn it off but I can’t cause Craig looks so worried and worse business man

    76. Manuel Brianna


    77. FristCF

      Man I was laughing my ass off until I saw that poor guy all sad and shit 8:38. Lol I hope you guys later on go to them and apologize atleast.

    78. Matthew Gamman

      okay, but what was the point of them being dicks to all those guys at the boat sale? "actually im way too rich to shake your hand" wtf

    79. Augustus Czar

      The yachting channel is over 250k let's go boys 😎🛥

    80. tilley Schmolph

      amazing they dont get punched in the teeth

    81. Alex Busa

      when you poppin mollies on the yacht with the boys & start trippin on the stale pussy wood 😂

    82. Gabriel Zombei

      You guys are the literally the best in the game

    83. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭

    84. Tyro Cyr

      Hilarious 😂😂😭

    85. weRoneself

      He's at 280k 😂🤣😂🤣

    86. Nickoby Co.

      They at 250k subs now, sheesh

    87. Burnet Deown

      bruh yall is so wild i love it. how how yall are tooo raw man

    88. Jose Moreno

      This shi funny asfc😭😭😭

    89. Mui Rick

      10:38 lmfaooo that guy was lookin around. Thumbnail too lol

    90. Mui Rick

      3:31 LMFAOOOO 000 LMFAOOOO

    91. yofaygotbands ong

      be honest salim drip so fire that isis wont even invade usa

    92. mansisity

      Lol the boat page is at 253k now

    93. Madison Eason

      okay breezy in the outro

    94. Philipe Limon

      Dennison Yachts is at 252k subscribers to this day lol CRAZY

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    100. Michael Silver

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