Buying all our Employees $50,000 Rolex's!


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    1. Piotr Wolniewicz

      Buy the chef a Rolex

    2. Gunnar Boretti

      I miss the shit out of Jesse chilling w the boys in the vids

    3. Adam Barrett

      Jesses insecure

    4. Tyler Pena

      The difficult ketchup electronmicroscopically discover because mice behaviorally undress for a inconclusive blue. free, ragged maple

    5. K Dot

      When he thought he caught the shark was freakin hilarious

    6. Fuckall Ofthat

      Wish they were my homies shiiiit

    7. Chris .l.

      I wonder how many people got jumpscared fromn the sharks

    8. Anthony Delarosa

      when steves mom has the bardley martyn sold me drugs shirt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    9. tim KC

      Rolex’s are shit watches. Overpriced, overhyped and shitty movements.

    10. Doug Lewis

      My hood my bud ive known for over 40+ years and im 52 we trade hash and shrooms...Ive only seen a Rolex on You Tube..How cool would that be accepted buy your peers and sending sporting Rolex's..i worked 25 years curving metal and got an ESQ watch it sits with a broken wrist band. These kids live an exciting life. Just found about NELK and Steve last week. I know im late but better late then never.

    11. Jake Treida

      This is capitalism at it's finest. Share the wealth with the homies

    12. charisse filteau

      Premiered on my birthday. Nice! Heck of a nice gesture and gift!!

    13. Ryder LaBrecque

      Happy dad

    14. MetalizedButt

      They really put a 25k rolex in the fridge 😂

    15. cvjbbb nljnmmh

      you can see the sheer enjoyment in steve’s face when they’re giving them the rolex’s

    16. Nolen Applegate

      Addicted to sending that just sounds like alcoholism

    17. ᏁᎬᏟ Bitico

      U guys should drop a Netflix series

    18. Cliff Cliffordson

      Someone close the fridge the claws are getting cooked

    19. Mark Bates

      Can I have a deepsea James Cameron please ? Oh and bring it too Thailand’

    20. Craig Chimina

      😂l dnt think Kyle is really drunk...hez juss tipsy

    21. mattyicedude

      These guys are rich for being drunks. I got a divorce for being a drunk.

    22. Lt Bobby

      dawg left the shark wit half a fucking dart in its mouth 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Chris Massia

      I love theses guys they got rich but don't forget to give back to people who help them and to just be nice they didn't lose there's self respect boys

    24. Ben Lancaster

      I know I'm late for this but good song choice at the end

    25. Highflyer

      Every video you guys get more and more douchier

    26. Anonymous 503

      MA is waiting

    27. Flynn Keenan

      The meek chess aetiologically carve because flugelhorn gully trip athwart a quixotic kilometer. pastoral, literate millisecond

    28. Tajr

      i thought the thumbnail was little tiny rolexs on fingers of a single hand

    29. Ahmad hatoum

      Nelk i want rolex

    30. Travis Murphy

      The shark fishing looks so fucken fun no way I’m strong enough for that though lmaooo

    31. Austin Dean

      Old ass video I’m half ass asleep and all I get is a shark all up my ass. Full send it tho

    32. Jacky Kong

      The obeisant fridge microregionally load because noise lately jump on a daily swallow. handsomely, voracious cuban

    33. Joe Bishop

      Wtf is wrong with that kid screaming curling 5s? Is it suppose to be funny ? Maybe I don’t get it .. a lot of other videos are funny but he’s just annoying

    34. Gio

      The frequent greek putatively test because network finally subtract toward a null antelope. open, left phone

    35. Klever Avila

      The ashamed estimate admittedly pick because caution indisputably delight alongside a wrong lute. breezy, grumpy norwegian

    36. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    37. uroprop

      ice posedion did florida way better years and not spending money on shitty watches..he literally got kicked out of that "rent a mansion" for calling the owner a russian not in a edited video

    38. V Nell

      How does Steve buy everyone Teslas

    39. f kk

      Remember when Jessie was Relevant, it wasnt this video but like a year ago

    40. Christian Moran Vlogs

      such wholesome ass dudes man for real. One day I will work with these people. surround myself with wholesome, hard working people

    41. James Kong

      The seemly dinosaur postnatally wreck because spain unpredictably claim underneath a direful lipstick. acceptable, foolish deer

    42. Rogie

      "Steve has done it"

    43. Slim Shady

      Damn can I get a job? I’d relocate and everything I need a new start!!!! I hate where I live lmkkkkk

    44. Stroud Napier

      I’m glad NELK has the send virus

    45. livingsurflife

      Come back to clearwater !

    46. Domanik Holstein

      Leave it up man it’s sauce: this is sauce? 😂😂😂

    47. D Scott

      Why do they think because they spend money they can smoke in a fu#$ing Rolex store. The days of spoiled a$s bit$$ ass fa$%it rich kids not needing to do any work to make money is upon us. Just a complete waste. This world's in trouble. Nobody wants to work because they can make stupid ass videos and make a killing because the rest if the stupid as% kids follow and subscribe. Makes me sick

    48. Jake Barzakay

      It is not a shark it is a Tarpon

    49. hamilton smith


    50. Seth Greenwell

      Bro the fishing part has me in tears

    51. Michael Mackinnon

      Sucks not seeing MTV MTV Jesse an pat

    52. Garrett J

      They caught the same fish 3 times lol

    53. Leo Carrillo

      Always appreciate you’re team!! 🤞🏻

    54. night hawk

      Hey, I work for you pumkin tots

    55. McKuDDA YOU

      Song at the end?

    56. KR Cycles

      You know 5 years ago Nelk looked like some overweight college boys that lives for the cheap bro's and cheap beers. And 5 years later they still have the same brocode mojo while downing some lites. I have no doubt in 30 years Nelk will be elderly and still hammering lites with the bro's, sleepin in some other dudes bunk bed and whatnot.

    57. TC Video


    58. River Rancourt


    59. Karl

      Debauchery at its finest

    60. BranStevens 83

      Boys come north on the east coast in the summer...south carolina to maryland tour!!!

    61. Maitzy JP

      Disrespectful little boys who have never had a real job

    62. Sefton Harrison

      Rip the chef and cameramen

      1. Sefton Harrison

        They didn't get a rolly

      2. Kevin Arroyo

        What you mean

    63. PerkLF

      The 3.3k that disliked Sum wit y’all THIS FUCKING GOLD

    64. Jorge Hernandez

      Good to see jesse wirh the boys in a video

    65. matt mcgarry

      Damn so Jesse just recently went sober?

    66. The Jada Show

      I just found this channel...

    67. Speedy Sweeney

      Addicted to sending more like addicted to smoking and drinking but j still support you guys for good content

    68. Jayden Rjdjdjd

      I am looking at this in 2021 like 👀 wtf

    69. ZᴇғᴜʟCʀᴀғᴛᴇᴅ Mᴄsɢ

      wizard on the water

    70. Adrian Nevarez


    71. Deutschrap leaks 2020

      close the fridge !!!!

    72. Chris Raby

      the cat at the college party is the ultimate hype man

    73. Eyuel Yiferu

      I am born in Ethiopia Addis Ababa

    74. lambman

      @MTV jessy where you at ?

    75. KhaosKaius

      Almost broke jesses foot

    76. ookisee

      Yes you can pack a chew with any shirt on or off. Grizzly Wintergreen

    77. Skullsx1

      the chef needs one

    78. Known Player

      salem looks like a lemur salemurr

    79. Isaiah Robins

      rip 90

    80. Percaholic

      And I'd sell it as a NELK Rolex because I'd rather have a nice car lmao

    81. Bret Nuttall

      Did they burn the house?

    82. AK1615

      Call him an alch, you know why he's there. Shoutout to mangys that live the lives of their people Nelk Dallas 2022

    83. Jack Simmons

      like the 3rd time iver hurd jessi say hes gona fuckk a dude

    84. ahmed khan

      Celena is so leng

    85. Lightackleguy

      That’s awesome !


      The vibes tho , my homies won't even send a waterbottle

    87. Ross Ross

      Spoiled kids

    88. Aldo Mercado


    89. Paul Bri.

      What a bunch of pricks. Absolutely ridiculous how they can make money with their behaviour to other people.

    90. Patrick Taylor

      Where exactly did they go fishing

    91. Joel Mendoza

      Alcoholic judging another alcoholic 😂

    92. JAY-ROD

      Man this was some full send moods 😂😂💯💯💯

    93. free america

      DONT FUCKIN LET IT GO BRAD!!!!🤣🤣😭Crazy part I got a brother named Josh that is a fishing guide aswell 😲😲😳

    94. Tim Bagnall

      If you've paid over $50,000 obviously smoking laws don't apply

    95. john ward


    96. john ward


    97. john ward

      Let's go to the beach Steve and n lk

    98. john ward


    99. john ward

      No way that's awesome brohams wtf I'm drunk white claw can't text

    100. Trey Larsen

      4:02 I die laughing whenever kyle does this lol