Coke Prank on Colombian Cops!


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    1. Cameron Spence

      I am 90% that was real coke at 7:46

      1. Quintin Mcadams

        No doubt at all lol

      2. manakki molineux

        no shit

      3. Pedro Tavares

        what a noob, it would be funny if they were dea agents, eheheheh

      4. Jdogg Da Rula

        Lmfao they in Columbia that dude fasho thought they were tryna buy sum 😂

      5. PracticeMakesHabbit(TITO)


    2. Bradlee Caldwell

      Trying to sell that shit there is the most dangerous.

    3. Joe Joe TV Yo

      These guys are disrespectful 🤡.

    4. Milk chemistry

      jeez wrong country my dood

    5. Wyatt Whelan

      You have for real earned ten mill, such great content 💯 🔥

    6. Phil Foe

      I love you boys but I don’t understand the American disrespect against their family. They let you into their house and were so cool

    7. Jonathan Mendoza

      Do t fuck with the Colombia police

    8. Jonathan Mendoza

      Colombia wamens are sexy

    9. Overhaul

      bro is lucky the police came first they would've gotten killed if someone found out they were selling "coke"

    10. M

      salim is brown not black

    11. MJ B

      Come to East Tn and see what happens Pendajos

    12. MJ B

      No respect you bunch of goons

    13. Joe


    14. Eddy Saucedo

      “Where are you from ?” The hood 😂😂

    15. ZA_works

      Why would you follow them to the car unless you actors ?

    16. Adam Voecks

      Keep them bangers cumin boys! Fuck yeah.. full send from Milwaukee Wisconsin!

    17. Carlos Rincon

      This guys are so stupid.

    18. STAMPS SS

      Nelk boys 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    19. le diegonnance

      i do not even know why you guys are still alive.

    20. Mark

      “This is literally the scenario where they took the black dude” It’s also the scenario where Salim was the only one provoking the officer 😅 was it fair? No, but no one else was pushing it

    21. Mark

      If these guys keep clowning they’re gonna have a target on their back 😅

    22. Jimmy The Tutor

      Dude you gotta understand they couldn't look like fools after they roll up deep like that. Cops got egos bigger than the Pope. Of course they got to make a show of something and you had a dude named Salim.

    23. Guapo 12gage


    24. Junior Avila

      😂 Im still laughing at this video, That's A WILD prank 2 be doing over there BUT Who gives a Fuck. GOOD SHIT BOYS! 😂😂😂

    25. Andrey Rannev

      They took him just not to look stupid in front of people around

    26. Benji Price

      Lol you are not in the US they can literally arrest you for no reason. Lucky they didn't fuck Salim up.

    27. Hoosier Outdoors

      This is the fuckin life boys. I wish I could fuckin be apart of this. Till then, doin some shottys and gettin the K on some birdies

    28. Sandileby JORDAN

      you bois had to get the NARCOS song

    29. Robbie Eads

      You should know messing with cops they'll mess with your back they decided to take your friend down the road and let him off to make things think he was arrested

    30. Robbie Eads

      You should tell the Columbian police that you found Pablo escobars lost Coke

    31. Daniel Kononenko

      I’m deaddddd “brotherly love”😂😂😂

    32. big fish

      @1:16 No fukin way Roberto Escobar is blind, he shook all three hands, no problem. He even nailed the second hand that came in from left feild 🤣 🤣 FACTS 100% CANT BULLSHIT ME

    33. Daniel Arango

      well... if uh... anyone wants to know... salim prolly woulda got his knees bashed in with a wire bat. but.... since they had cameras n shit recording them they let him go. they dont fuck around in colombia. LMFAO

    34. J.A.C. Money Entertainment

      That was wild af!!!

    35. Del Houle

      If y’all don’t respond to comments or like comments you all obviously don’t send it haha

    36. Taz E Hauser

      Soooooo that ain't no glory hole, because if you look at 3:10 you can see a bullet hole in the picture in the exact same position as the supposed glory hole... hahahaha this video has very poor translation just saying..

    37. Dlap

      You tucked with them so they pranked you back ! Hilarious!

    38. b r

      Why don't the nelk boys make money off of FIblock just curious is anybody know

    39. Cameron M

      How are you guys still alive

    40. Juan Pablo Ortega

      Bro I died when they took Salim, he just got inside the van like he was actually guilty 😂😂😂😂

    41. Samuel Sheldon

      I think he took Salim cause Salim said he was from around here the same as him and he took him and let him away maybe thinking the other would be getting in yorubke

    42. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    43. shino88

      This is a good neighbour hood in Medellin, what a cop out, try doing this in a slum and get merked Nelk bitches

    44. alfredo alva

      When Steve smelled Escobars chair lmaooooo

    45. Ole Andrade


    46. Jaquet


    47. Christian Moran Vlogs

      fucking legend lmaooooo hell yeah

    48. Anthony

      All it takes is 5 Americans to cause every person they interacted with to judge all of us as idiots.

    49. Brice Carver

      Do they have a twich?

    50. Evade-Boo

      Like think about it, these are literally some Bros just making the most of only existing once.

    51. Camila Moreno


    52. KiLLJOY

      Very disrespectful to play jokes on the family of Escobar. That man did so much good for his entire country. Not a good look at all.

    53. zeitok8

      this is stupid

    54. Yeeter Yam

      I just now realized; NELK got pranked by the cops with the Salem situation lol

    55. TheBardeng

      I wonder if the cops pranked Salim back or just changed they're mind and let him go

    56. map PR91

      Homegirl got enough cake to open her own Bakery

    57. Ivan Contreras

      Imagine pulling that prank in Colombia right now lmao

      1. M W

        Whats the difference now?

    58. Manolo Cisneros

      bro if they actually had coke in the drink and then the cops drank it - that be funny asf

    59. Ea

      So disrespectful

    60. CAM BONE

      I’ve never seen anyone go harder in videos. Bro btw people would kill you for selling coke in their area. I’m glad you guys didn’t ask the wrong people

    61. Bryce Suttn

      And people say cops in America are bad.

    62. GrimKiLLz Gaming

      what they di to salim is the classic , they arrest tourist drop them off about a mile or 4 away from where they got you and let you wonder around and the cartels get you or the same cops in civil clothes take you and extort you

    63. treetree bangbang

      it's all fun and games till they ask are cartel member "coca?"

    64. tomas perez

      homie handed him actuall coke im dead

    65. Rage Da realist

      How much you wanna bet that first guy with the baggy got murked after this video

    66. Joseph Ragosta

      24 hour challenge walking in the Brazil favellas with no security

    67. Daddy Chill

      if a mf pulls out an itty bitty bag of coke that shit will keep u up for a week😂

    68. Luis Lujan

      Funniest shit ever

    69. D3-ARS Muhammad Rifky A. A.

      21 Century must contract you all, to became a biographic cinematic prankster

    70. Anthony Diecidue Ur welcome boys, only took me a lil research to find her @

    71. sebastian jaramillo

      The best video

    72. Akmal BCA

      We don’t make money on FIblock... Also have Ad

    73. Danny Melton

      Honestly guys, i love and hate you hahaha. you deffinatley need to show some more respect to the world that give you everything and allows you to do what you do, but that doesnt mean you still cant send it......... just a little but of respect and common sense goes A LOOOONG way boys

    74. Diablo

      Anyone know the beat at 6:22

    75. Melissa Barkley

      Honestly they shoulda snitched in the guy that had coke Like I’m not a snitch but I’d not be mad if they did

    76. strangeKE

      no one: Salim: I'm black

    77. Joshua Stubbs

      Where’s Jesse?

    78. Kevin P

      Got caught drunk driving my dads car in barranquilla Colombia (1987 Chevy sprint) lol on my birthday 2017. I was on the way to the hood to pick up weed. Got stopped by motorcycle cops and they said " this is colombia" searched my car and said I was drunk. I didn't have my passport either. So they hoped in the driver's seat and made me hold their motorcycle helmet and drive to my dad's house. Once we got there my dad said you kidnapped my son and told me to go inside the house but the cops wanted to detain me for drunk driving. My father knows the Colombian law and said Only traffic police can detain on vehicle infractions and they were only regular police. Crazy btw I'm from the san Fernando valley L.A

    79. Clayton Furnish

      So we got 500k likes Jesse ?

    80. It’s CønvulsIøns

      10:56 selem cracks my shit up yo 😂😂😂

    81. wing man


    82. Cali_Drives

      Yall are legends

    83. dn sal

      This guys are disrespectful and rude, thumbs down on this video..not funny

    84. Yea Mozzie R6

      The coke video was the first video I seen from you guys and loved you guys ever since

    85. Ana Uribe

      Shame you weren’t locked up abroad

    86. DabbyT

      “You’re the boss, you stay in jail for us.” Oh you don’t know how right you are Gabriel 😂😂

    87. Phat Balls

      Is he looking at me funny? No he’s blind 😂

    88. Martin De Los santos

      They played a prank on you back lmao

    89. EddyBiz Vlogs

      Who else is dying for the girls Instagram 😩

    90. VV smokes

      I actually love yall. The emotion that i feel is sooo real in every video. 🙏🙏🙏🥰 thank you so much . #ConsistentSmiles

    91. VV smokes


      1. VV smokes

        So fucked

    92. SiiChoo

      "My dads black" *Gets put in the police car

    93. Life's A Trip

      Poor woman didn’t understand anything sexual they were saying 3:00

    94. Alex Leone

      Nelk should make a movie

    95. Ryanmchal

      this deserves more views 100%

    96. John Miranda

      What i didn't get is y would they go to Colombia and act like they selling coke to a country that grows coca leaves and is the main production off cocaine tobthe whole world. Maybe they should of thought of that before making this video

    97. vooland ashland

      they were lucky to kinda meet with this crew in Medelin 😂😂

    98. Koleth

      This is what I respect.......REAL, respectable pranks. No faking, all real and risky. wonderful.

    99. thebingthing

      Gz 🤦‍♂️

    100. Greg

      They don't like blacks down there.