Drinking Fake Beer in a Self-Driving Tesla!


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    1. Dakota Knight

      Bro Steve was like yo I gotta give you da Coke 😂😂

    2. Gertrude Elisa

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    3. Jorge Diaz


    4. SteveO

      730 looks like a water was being shotgunned

    5. TwoMgs

      7:29 mans is actually shotgunning an empty water bottle lmao

    6. C3 TheCollywoodLife

      7:30 buddys shotguning a water bottle.

    7. Jonathan Mendoza

      To you like Trump

    8. Jonathan Long

      Oregon has been my home since I was born. The weed is cheapest in the world here. If you guys pass through Roseburg, LA Mota and 420 club are the best for the price. 420 club will give you better prices for quality, LA mota will give you the most quantity for the cost. A gram of lemon OG is 2 dollars at LA mota, a quarter ounce is 15 dollars

      1. Jonathan Long

        There are also homeless camps all around Roseburg, most of them crack me up, it may be worth the footage lol

      2. Jonathan Long

        Dabs are 10 for a gram

    9. Edwin C.

      Rug looks so innocent lmao as if he doesn't belong there 💀

    10. Nik Hanson

      Nil I felt bad for those ppl 😂


      F U C K that come back to England and give me a shout ig - telz_07

    12. Ben Kern

      Ed be looking like Trevor from GTA 5

    13. Brews Wayne

      " i haven't seen Salim pop, since the satch" - Kyle Forgeard

    14. Jordan Mitchell

      I just took a mud monkey in my pants 😂

    15. You Can Call Me Papi

      Fly me out to party with y’all , y’all can’t handle me boys

    16. ScottLA

      Lmfao @12:23 Cop after caught in public with shotties: “ Go away!”

    17. James Smith

      7:29 am I the only one seeing my dude shotgun a water

    18. MV9Plays

      18:00 song name

    19. Max Power

      Seeing Steve get a little upset over Celina's OF stuff made me sad :/

    20. VRtwoface


    21. VRtwoface

      what happened to you? *steve in a wheel chair* "im autistic"

    22. Colin Chopan

      hit the boys back Steve needs a licence come burn my house down

    23. Sukhbir Sekhon

      Hilarious. Not.

    24. Kevin Moran


    25. Kevin Moran

      damnnnn.. fellas dot DUI'S.....

    26. Random Name

      Plot twist would be the boys actually had beer in there

    27. Joshua Gonzalez

      Pat is like Jason Nash for the blog squad😂😂but more on the chill/fuck it side

    28. OprahsKankles

      The jagged defense conformably announce because trowel unexplainably camp toward a healthy element. mighty, chemical mask

    29. Bt 26x

      White claw must be the official LA FIblock beer. 😂

    30. jazzzmine rodriguez

      Like he sayed unfucken real.

    31. jazzzmine rodriguez


    32. Travis M

      I gotta say it's dope how y'all added the rtj

    33. Brian Hernandez

      “Why’re you mad at this” 😂

    34. Brian Hernandez

      Respect to Steve trying to claim the box of trulys

    35. SaiTre X

      *Jessie gives Shotgun to Salim* *Salim said No* *Jessie: yo its my fathers birthday* *Salim Continue with saying No* *Jessie drop from The Team*

    36. Josh C

      Holy fuck dude Ed Bassmaster !? Wow

    37. Michael Donatelli

      “You have a warrant in Ohio” Kyle - “That’s strange”💀💀💀

    38. Fish Whackerz

      steve makes the show

    39. BlazenDZN

      bro Pat’s older than the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast members and looks way better

    40. UNFLTRD F

      California fucking liberals. Love you bro...thats what I always say...FULL SENT

    41. Da Beard

      Ed’s the GOAT!!!

    42. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 onlyfans.com/thesweetestsyd Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    43. Dechlan Uzabeaga

      Bass master is an absolute menace I love it

    44. Sefton Harrison

      Pretty sure that's a public property

    45. KiDiMSo

      any way we can get kyles dad on a trip? mtv pat and papa forgeard? lit

    46. Goatqueen

      Speaking of being hung over, I’ve never once had a hangover lol, and I’ve drank a 40, woke up perfectly fine, no headache, no puke, what’s all weird is sleeping pills don’t work on me, melatonin doesn’t, not even Restoril (50mg) doesn’t even make me tired and it’s pretty painful not sleeping for 3+ days in a row, up to 8 at the max so far

    47. Antonio Warner

      Steve’s like. Fuck this Non beer

    48. Billy Concon

      Get to the cop videos!!!!

    49. Maricela Cisneros


    50. Jesus Bermudez

      0.07 misspelled criticism out the gate:(

    51. Octavio Moreno

      Tesla is awesome

    52. madi galvan

      the amount of money i’d pay to have them come to indiana

    53. Springbokkie_ Center

      17:01 the pranks begin

    54. Big Ape

      Just whipe my fucken ass chip 😂😂

    55. TC Video


    56. Leonardo Rios


    57. KhaosKaius

      4:30 people really be asking for shit like that

    58. Jonathan Bacon

      This is the Nelk we want!

    59. Angielee

      ppl should phone and annoy them saying they fu@$t the NELK boys over #fullsend

    60. Billy C

      7:50 Yoo this dude too clown

    61. A M III


    62. Ze Ad


    63. Big T

      I like the new Salim, dude glo'd up fr

    64. Optimistic Rizz

      kyle said me or Jesse? Why throw him under the bus if it was him

    65. twinkle toes19

      steve’s timmy impersonation from south park wasnt talked about out enough

    66. Sergio Saenz

      Legend has it Salem was so funny he still on the team🙏🙏

    67. Help me reach 23k with no videos ꪜ

      Steve = gronk

    68. KRIPTICZ-08

      How’s it private property? It’s a supermarket lmao 😂

    69. marcellus walters

      Why does bro look like Gronk😭 he is just as chill as him too 💀

    70. Caylem Farquhar

      Brad Koffel🐐

    71. Caylem Farquhar

      Hbd Pat 🐐

    72. Caylem Farquhar


    73. Gobinda Neupane

      Bro they are the vibe

    74. Paul kahia

      got to create another channel for the prank s. too much yapping before the real video begins. look at Cassidy Campbell for insight

    75. Tusen Kilo

      What if you sign a contract with a homeless person, gives them a camera and telling them to vlogvtheir everyday life, then next morning you mert up woth him, you get the video then edit it and both of you earn from it, you earn respect and homeless man earn money

    76. Masked Patriot

      He went to cry in the car with the siren on

    77. Rachel Woodruff

      Stupid annoying not fun at all

    78. TORZZO

      Why does the camera man move the camera so much

    79. Jacob Watson

      Cops are nice about underaged kids drinking. They either take it and let you go or you hang around and then that’s your problem because you chose to get arrested 😂. Great video!

    80. john doe

      soo original! all you do is harass working people

    81. Braedynhall Braedynhall

      ohio on top


      prank a Frank in oldsmar fl - I'm Frank!! See ya soon!!

    83. Me Not you

      Good job taking up the cops time with bs when they could be answering calls where people actually need help

    84. Fou sengh Chao

      Dammmm it i missed it. Come back to Oregon Fuck

    85. paolo britt

      steve is like "its weird im not mad" lmao i feel for him

    86. Yamo 450fx

      Ed like beatle juice

    87. Pogee1

      The spooky use phylogenitically smash because apparatus perioperatively empty excluding a outgoing distributor. mighty, actually author

    88. Front Kid

      Damn I live in Oregon 1 hour away from Portland I live in Kiezer I wanna see you guys irl

    89. J C

      Aye moorpark is like 10 min away from me lol


      They should crash weddings

    91. Michael Stellar

      Your cameraman is amature at best.

    92. VexousJr06

      Anybody else cringe when they smoke cigarettes

    93. Tanya Sesiakin

      OF: imalexajade Check me out, there’s not much I’ll say no to 😉

    94. PapitaFritaPR

      You came for 18:55 thank me later.

    95. 99thsensei

      shout out to dad

    96. mrheady 420

      “We’re getting a bag tonight tho” is legit me n my friends every weekend lmaoo

    97. alldro420

      When you're joking but have a warrant. That could have been fucked

    98. alldro420

      Ed is a legend.

    99. chrisKing