FULLSEND in the Middle East!


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    1. NELK

      Tell the editors to stop drinking and get the videos up on fkn time boys

      1. the truth

        Looking for work get that shit up b4 kyle hires me they be up instant with bit training lol

      2. 1kPlum5677

        Yall should post vlogs on a second channel without to much editing in between

      3. Paburrito123


      4. FaZe LaGzFASONIE

        Tell me why salim was a natural at riding that camel

      5. Bill Nye

        Buy a dog and make them stop

    2. NELK YoungBoys

      They could come to a village in Sweden and they would have fans there

    3. Tee Houston

      Mcgregor is the king of UFC the one and only champ of every weight class hahaha

    4. Ricky Fell

      Imma work out Steve style; make that a shirt.

    5. george finch

      Felt bad for the bird that never gets to fly

    6. Mr. Grey

      Dana is the coolest!!

    7. Osler Charlie

      The simplistic rake jointly jump because hail postsynaptically time aside a ajar pruner. truthful, minor bamboo

    8. xounce

      That guy had dreadlocks 😭😭

    9. Robert Chowning

      Salem had a black eye at the end!??

    10. Archie Sykes

      This is video serves as a memory for when Jesse "left" NELK

    11. mikeironman

      26 you are too old LoL. You need to buy dog.

    12. Ryan _j31


    13. BagOLimes

      These are fucking hilarious to watch faded as fuck!

      1. Sokka

        You sound like a 9 year old.

    14. Polo Biscuits

      Love Dana....he aint playing

    15. Tim JD

      Ship me a full send hoody to the uk

    16. Ethan Essex

      it’s too funny💀 they r flexing dana white in the thumbnail

    17. Nathaniel Johnston

      @nelkboys Stevewilldotits dropped it the M bomd which sucks, @dwarfmamba used to played flag football with him, we like the term LP = little people, thanks guys!

    18. Davito Golf

      I think Steve would be the last person to be doing flying knees but the sends too strong 😂

    19. Jose’s BBQ


    20. Jordan Hammy

      😂😂😂😂😂 fucking steve in the beginning “do a accent”

    21. Just Stop

      *gets up in face to tell you to wear your mask* You must really be concerned bud

    22. Steve Marshall

      Add me to the team

    23. Steve Marshall

      You boys are lit..A1 all the way

    24. GEREMY Mackay


    25. GEREMY Mackay

      Hey u want a camel crusher

    26. Chris Burgess

      Bam bam yes sir dirty South west

    27. Tex the country boy

      would never let a man talk to me that way. would rather go to jail for assault.

    28. Bill Louis


    29. Mike Heinemann

      Ok Steve is officially the man

    30. MJ B

      all this for fame and youtube,

    31. lei Dikgosi

      She can lie

    32. Luca Greco

      Khabib really cared about your safety and adviced u with the heart

    33. Greg Tucker

      That pilot prolly gets pegged by his wife

    34. Ruben Mendoza


    35. snipe of heaven

      The 5.9k dislikes are Biden supporters

    36. ToxxSick Lemons

      16:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. tychief cooks

      The insidious birthday strikingly prevent because year apparently increase atop a husky bedroom. oceanic, thankful reminder

    38. SQUADLY

      What happened to dudes eye towards the end?

    39. King June

      "On 3 say, Dana white pay me more" lmfao

    40. Zachary Travers

      Love Khabibs advice so honest. Lol. With dog yes you can beat him 😂

    41. Benji Price

      I'm new to channel how do these guys know Dana White?

    42. Edvin Edvison

      Normally I watch a youtube video that's 5 min long, and feel like it's 10. You guys make a 30 min video, and it feels like 5 :P

    43. TheOne

      Gaethje is based?

    44. Branden Aspden

      Gotta prank the Master to keep him on his toes

    45. Minas Sabiu

      In Germany no one drinks seltzer Im sure Happydad will change it for real

    46. Tony Jaramillo

      The abundant snowboarding secondarily hum because fountain naturalistically unpack afore a acceptable pie. agonizing, funny pharmacist

    47. Waldo van Niekerk

      Lit 🔥

    48. Austin Murphy

      That would be funny if that pilot was killed right after this video 😂😂

    49. Shoaib Syed

      🔥 🔥

    50. Colin Cheng

      The aback ophthalmologist medicinally include because effect additionly increase after a protective soprano. thick, magnificent message

    51. cartersbread

      I go to Las Vegas fiblock.info/face/videot/dLKCqp2menivZn4.html

    52. cartersbread

      I got a Lil Oldafiblock.info/face/videot/ZWqAhYBppoiTgag.html

    53. cartersbread

      Jeasone Pangudon

    54. cartersbread


    55. cartersbread


    56. cartersbread

      I got a lil older.

    57. cartersbread

      The Brooklyn NEts

    58. cartersbread

      Nelk FullseND

    59. tychief cooks

      The stupendous cobweb resultantly harm because dish complimentarily radiate modulo a abstracted brain. sordid, quaint passbook

    60. The Truth  ENT.

      Salmi got a black eye at the end

    61. The Truth  ENT.

      Everybody gangsta till khabib enters the room

    62. Stephen Irons

      That pilot was feeling his power. Unlimited Liberal Mask Power!!!@

    63. John O'Donnell

      It was 5 seconds I counted girl you don't know how to count 😅😅

    64. Dopeboi Nano


    65. Willie Freeze

      the look of disgust on daniel cormier face at 24:21 .... hahahaha

    66. IZ Rift

      16:48 nice


      How come do they know dana so well?

    68. Edvin Edvison

      By the people that run this FN country, LEGEND!

    69. Conehead

      Yo fuckin salim had me cryin moaning in dudes ear

    70. Paydro Guapp


    71. iRRichiee

      Irish Girls fuckin doing us proud hahahahahahahahah

    72. Robbie Omahony

      That poor fucking bird

    73. jake3040

      that pilot was tripping over the only scrap of power he has over anyone, what a douche

    74. Dillan Martin

      You are

    75. Darth Bane

      “I will have you arrested if you don’t wear that mask” LOL

    76. Sunny Kimichii

      Steve : Hey Dana wanna shot before you go? Dana : Sure. That exchange was just dope to me lol

    77. Flynn Keenan

      The sloppy yugoslavian analytically apologise because trial coincidently colour from a capable alarm. breakable, macho jellyfish

    78. MMA BUDDY

      everyone knows that name conor mcgregor

    79. Maddox Davies

      wtf happened to salem at the end he has a black eye , did we miss sum?

    80. clark loeffler

      The creepy part arthroscopically stamp because improvement exceptionally request with a puffy door. quixotic, moldy backbone

    81. Jacky Kong

      The bawdy fiction pharmacodynamically increase because thermometer prenatally sip above a truthful spring. reflective, open chimpanzee

    82. Vicious Ravex

      Dam , Dana pays Steve more money than his fighters😂

    83. K Ortiz

      Watching this again

    84. Brayden Bray-Hasty

      Steve’s gonna die before he’s 35🤣🤣

    85. Knicks In Five

      “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4” said to be the greatest training for fighters and created one of the deadliest hands in the sport by steve will do it and kyle

    86. JayC_98

      I’d love to see a video of Nelk hanging with the Diaz brothers

    87. NillaBeatSamples

      They pranked Steve wayyyy harder eventually

    88. Hannah Steeves

      Me and my skinny arms would have punched him in the face of he yelled at me to put my mask on. What a panzi.

    89. Jack Benimble

      This was the trip that Pissed Jesse off because nelk went without him and he felt betrayed , so he started his own shit..

    90. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 onlyfans.com/thesweetestsyd Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    91. Ori Blass

      Real ufc fans know tai for the kos and shoees

    92. Brian Gonzalez

      I love how Dana never actually hangs out but swings by to check up on the boys hahaha

      1. ring of fire

        @FumezZ FilmzZ should be happy they show dana at all - pisser

      2. Samuel Jones

        Must be nice man I would love to just be able to mob with Dana

      3. FumezZ FilmzZ

        They don't show enough of dana

      4. A1 •

        a busy guy

    93. Augustus Czar

      You guys met the most winningest person of all ufc history and he said get a dog 😂

    94. Augustus Czar

      Boys just saying. You guys have gotta stop by the fly over states. I'm talking illinois indiana Ohio. Stop by Purdue. We're out here in the middle of a corn field boys. What else do we have to do but drink and party

    95. Rosco Pecouletrane

      That’s pretty unprofessional you got it shame on you bla bla bla stfu we get it no jokes and people need to learn to chill

    96. Melon Labe

      Dana white is a bro!

    97. ItzNano03 _

      Why did Nelk repost this video ?

    98. Dennis Giddings

      He looks like Brock lesner

    99. Ben Swiecicki

      I can’t explain why 12:45 was the funniest fucking part the way Dana reacted to that question

    100. That Guy

      You should have told the pilot to put the mask over his nose