Hockey Players BEEFING California Locals!


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    1. Anthony L

      Love how Nelk still represents Canada even living down in the States. Keep up.the good work boys!

      1. K K

        @Espino760 ahh i shouldve listened to the audio more clearly... makes sense... but why even include it in the video eh?

      2. Espino760

        @K K they probably felt bad for the guy doing the card tricks Kyle pretty much exposed his trick

      3. Riff Bear

        @PRIVATE NO LIMIT LOL with Biden as pres? You sure? Send snowflakes home by being a man yourself and not asking the government to get rid of people you don't like, which is kind of fucking snowflake.

      4. K K

        What is this censor??? At 11:58??

      5. Shelby *

        @DaSpinachSmokinRasCLAATxCYKAxo the pranks are shit

    2. James Eillo

      Kyle have you ever been with a hockey player mom well all of my son's step mom nooo

    3. Luke Hall

      Bring it to the UK so the real drinkers can judge

    4. IG Ophicer

      They gotta do what GFuel did and put em in the ghetto too shit will sell out fr

    5. Justin Westervelt

      This vid was cringey asf

    6. Mobile Gaming

      It’s the most random sayings they say for me 😂

    7. Zachery Butter

      I need some captions on these videos. Loud music has ruined my ears.

    8. xOPG VORTEXx

      Kyle: “Have you ever been with a hockey player?” Lady: “oh well all of my sons”

    9. Blake Hunter

      “Disabled lady” can get the Full Send


      seltzer? why not just drink beer.

    11. Rez9 Swift

      Ohio needs a stock

    12. Yurtz

      this nigga really said mickey the magician

    13. Mito Mito

      Kyle tells that guy to play roar but sings the lyrics from firework 😂

    14. DIYking 33

      Music 2:50 ???

    15. Adhil Rajkumar

      some guys robbed me for my phone so im delayed to watch yalls vids :(

    16. Neil Kandola

      Salim is just gone!

    17. Chris Smith

      The kid ink song on here pulls it together

    18. D M

      Steve’s looking riiiiiipped

    19. Terry Knight

      Nice commercial

    20. Rock girl

      “Bring your girl to my game and I’ll leave with her…” just oozes hockey energy

    21. Cowersty

      Here me out. "Nelk the movie"

    22. Drew

      How do I invest in happy dad seltzer?

      1. Rock girl

        Bring back coolerbackpacks for the happy dads

    23. Anto Boiv

      Keep good Work

    24. that boy 3222

      "Shave you chest lettuce a little bit"😂😂😂

    25. Lenn Del

      Good to see Lucas back, funny af

    26. sehhi vooty

      "We eat nails for Breakfast" LMAOOO

    27. Gretchinn Weiners

      omggg ruben 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Matteo Cannizzo

      As a Hockey player What a vid

      1. sehhi vooty

        I’m high asf watching this😭😂

    29. GOD

      I miss MTV Jesse

    30. newzy3 _

      Love you Nelk

    31. Thilan Silva

      when's it coming to Canada EH!

    32. Gary

      Happy Dad isn’t a good name

    33. Borna's General Hardware

      Damn I’m speechless!

    34. Thomas Kishayinew

      Nelk should do a collaboration with Topnotchidiots

    35. J Vill

      Was like wtf when heard happy dad name now I get it, most subs can't buy the shit talk their dad's into trying and easy to sneek some after he gets hammered, nelk getting rich with legal and maybe not market. Pure genius Kyle, my man bro!!

    36. MidnightMaiBoi

      The teeny polo surgically fix because mosque orly bleach before a snobbish chemistry. silky, purring fridge

    37. Jesper De Jong

      Bring back coolerbackpacks for the happy dads

    38. Fedros

      yo im from the 905 i need to try happy dad this summer i turn 21 in august!!!!!!

    39. corrlee

      Son of Gary from the Howard stern show is killin it! Nice

    40. Marz X

      That one guy was DEFINITELY ON SOME TYPE OF DRUGS 😂😂😂

    41. Psychotropic Traveler

      Wow, you guys sure have changed since the glory days. Lame

    42. Al Phillips

      This video felt so old school Nelk.

    43. Jehebebb Nndndjdnd

      I’m high asf watching this😭😂

    44. Ariel Camacho

      What is the point of blurring it just don’t add it to the video 🧍‍♂️

      1. Espino760

        It wasn’t blurred at first the dude was doing some card tricks and Kyle already knew what he was doing and basically exposed his trick they probably felt bad lol

    45. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Hemp bird feed 10000lb

    46. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Happy dad you tube comertaiol

    47. The Unqualified Gamer

      imagine meeting your fav youtubers only to act exactly like them i think it weirded kyle out lmaooo

    48. Dillon Hardenburgh

      Pull up to dixie party store in Michigan and bring atleast 4 cases of happy dad. If I dont get the personal delivery might as well not get it at all. @NELK

    49. Mark Curtis

      Tomas kaberle is better looking than you bud 🤣🤣

    50. 5G


    51. Cesar

      bring this shit to Mexico !

    52. Saggy Naggy

      Easy coach lmao

    53. Samuel Consuegra

      Don't overestimate your drink

    54. Zoey Waskahat

      Is happy dad in Canada, Alberta???

    55. Josh Gutierrez

      Kyle screaming at the conputer XD

    56. Turbo Brony

      Where the fuck is Jesse

    57. eric harris

      Now all we need is full send cigarettes!!!

    58. Bubba -_- Jackson

      Your coming to the BevMo near my house

    59. Tyeus Daugherty

      Kyle is lowkey nice w it on the hockey stick tho lol 🔥


      Am I buggin or was the title not called douche bag hockey players harasssing locals

      1. Espino760

        They edited the video again after the dude got exposed by Kyle with the magic cards

    61. oiuet souiu

      “Get in the van and send it” - Jimmy. Proceeds to put on his seat belt and hum the theme song to my little Einstein’s.

    62. Dan Kress

      College D’3 😂😂😂😂

    63. Ray B

      Lookin like a couple ankle benders on the blades boys

      1. oiuet souiu

        Next video go to someone that has his girlfriend with him and ask him how was that girl last night

    64. Maximus Panela

      that girl prolly looked at his insta and was like oh shittt

    65. Sebastian Palm

      Please, give us Happy dad stocks!!!

    66. Ryan509

      Happy dad lambo??? That makes me sick hahahahahaha. I’ma go wash my lambo right now. How could u fuck a lambo like that?? Damn. Happy to try this seltzer tho haha

    67. tokyojato


    68. Surrealmoss

      If your Product is always sold out, it means YOUR NOT SELLING ENOUGH!!! INCREASE PRODUCTION & INCREASE PROFIT.

    69. tony

      The probable underwear coincidently drag because handsaw pathogenetically kneel underneath a silent perch. wet, marked weight

    70. Thechamp Pion

      buddys canadian but has no liqour in CAN

    71. King Money maker

      FULL SEND AMC 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🏦 BUY AND HOLD BOYS FULL SEND TO THE MOON🌝🏦🌝🏦🌝🏦🌝🏦🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

    72. Fire Trends

      I don't know if this was my first time watching this or if I was so drunk on tour i don't remember

    73. Fire Trends

      Imagine i wasted my liver on this I'd be so fortunate

    74. Jalali Fit

      Chirping benders

    75. Slick Ricky

      Holy Fuk. EASY COACH 😂😂

    76. Spyei

      When is happy dad in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    77. M8 Days

      Bro I wish I was surrounded by this type of energy just saying random bs to ppl sometimes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    78. Hussain Shahid

      Next video go to someone that has his girlfriend with him and ask him how was that girl last night

    79. SHK

      Steve looks ripped

    80. Kevin Mallin

      Having Lucas back it terrific!

    81. Jp Nevarez

      Wait did the disabled lady say she’s been with all of her sons😂

    82. Tucker Gallagher

      Kyle: “Have you ever been with a hockey player?” Woman: “Well all of my sons…” Kyle: “😳”

      1. oiuet souiu

        “Thomas kaberle’s better looking than you” lmaoooo

    83. Mikhael Sylvia

      Yo we can we get it in Raleigh, NC all we got is PBR and we are One of the first states in USA let’s go

    84. Brady

      nelk needs to come to michigan😂

    85. ramone tylar

      Salon so lame g 😂

    86. Łowkey s

      I got like 10 of happy dads drink

    87. Marc Monsonego

      Hey bud do you think I can be a part of nelk??

      1. Samuel Consuegra


    88. Road Runnerr

      I like how nelk doesnt have subtitles for the deaf

    89. Anton Parker

      Where is Jesse at lately?

    90. Cassie

      Bring some cases to Vegas , everything’s open again full capacity .

      1. Naya West

        Is Lee's carrying them here?

    91. Alexia's Rainbow World Vlogs

      Es Padre Feliz, la Nueva Seltser Canadiense. Esto no es un chiste.

    92. Max Kadunce

      “I need a table for seven beauties and four nail guns” 😂😂😂

      1. Hien Le

        what are nail guns?

      2. Cassie

        Let’s call I mont lost agent Winn

    93. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Cash bowls in dip

    94. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Wired out "sulfursober" flee market

    95. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Vinager cocaine/meth coffe pot dryersmall cup

    96. Whiteout

      Yo where Jesse at tho

    97. Fleece Central

      Lucas hasn’t missed a fuckin beat since he’s been back. This and real estate prank he hilled that shit

    98. Wiicked. Ivannn

      Damn y’all went to Huntington beachhhh I went twice this month and didn’t see y’all😕

    99. Measly YT

      The amount of money he’s going to make from Happy Dad is kinda wild

    100. 46Dixey

      175 per spin no wonder you win so big! we cant afford that