Meeting Donald Trump on Air Force One!


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    1. Isaac Henry

      Honestly still fucking legendary!!!!!

    2. Caiden Paranormal

      oh my god imagine meeting the nelk boys

    3. psOwNz

      YMCA lol.

    4. YUNG HEX


    5. Bradley mantla

      Steve should’ve asked Donald to pull somthing so he could’ve got into Canada 🇨🇦

    6. Austin McNease

      Funniest ducking video😹🤘🏼

    7. truman

      10:07 lmfao

    8. danny erickson

      This is exactly the type of content we need

    9. Always Offended

      Do one with Biden in his basement

    10. Fisherman Groyper

      That’s amazing 😂

    11. ben james

      Trumps awesome.

    12. No Dice

      All the leftards disliked this video

    13. Candice Gateley

      HA HA SUCK IT....

    14. Kodie Slamin

      mac Miller ❤️

    15. Dot Dot

      Just a bunch of kings on Air Force one

    16. Andrey

      Trump is the coolest President.

    17. Brooklynn clower

      Ya'll are living my dream, no way. I thought this was click bait!!!

    18. Chris Burgess

      Noone can compete with Nelk

    19. Nathan Green

      Full send wasted

    20. Nathan Green

      Free salami

    21. Tex the country boy

      don't have a comment idea but I got to make one anyway for the culture...

    22. Red Street

      Santa can be a designated driver now.

    23. Nekum Beam


    24. Reo Guest

      25k that disliked this video are now regretting their vote looooooooool

    25. ThatPurpleEvo

      Trump lost lol

      1. ̇

        Even Vladimir Putin makes fun of Joe Biden

      2. ̇

        Joe Biden clearly hasn't done shit

      3. ̇

        So what?

    26. Mark Bates

      Unbelievable ha ha ha YMCA

    27. Jordan Zinom

      the lady that kicked them out of the rally, I wanna see her reaction to this 😂 Damn she must be mad mad Forealz

    28. Jordan Zinom

      That’s fricken awesome!!!!

    29. Matt Leechee

      This is one of my favorite videos of all time. so sick sick 2024

    30. Heinrich Wong

      who's here from the Biden era?

    31. Abby Amador

      Lol these dudes outta pocket 😂

    32. Goated BOYS

      Let’s go trump

    33. Matt


    34. JB CBBA

      who are those three bums. No personality. they can even express themselves next to Trump. you should have picked another guys.

      1. Ash S

        Why r you on this video if u don’t even know nelk😭

    35. Wille Palovaara

      dude at 17:20 sounds exactly like ice poseidon

    36. Boris B

      Where the fk is link to join send club?!?!? 🍻

    37. liam slisz

      Trump 2021

    38. Casper 2K

      Omg fire 🔥 totally lit

    39. NoLimit__Splash

      Steve was drunk lol

    40. xbox gamer

      Man I'm all kinds of jealous

    41. Chain5'9s

      It6s even better watching this now

    42. Zach Anglestein

      That is so cool

    43. Mason Cochran

      atleast trump could walk up those stairs...

    44. Parrish McNeill

      Damn i love you guy’s nothing but good vipes too everyone one of y’all.

    45. SeeK

      I wanted to come to the US for studying, can anyone pls confirm that there isn't too many people of this NELK-sort running around? Because I would seriously reconsider.

      1. Ash S

        It’s america. Anything is possible. But it mostly depends on where exactly ur studyinf

    46. Señor Papi

      I miss Trump. He's just misunderstood.

      1. sofreejack

        @Ash S yup

      2. Ash S

        He was a great president. Hopefully he will be back

      3. sofreejack


    47. Theycallmeace TV

      Steve 😂😂😂

    48. M S

      I miss Trump

    49. David Farper

      We sad now without trump. I fukn know that.

    50. Hunter Watson

      You know you're a true stoner when you carry around a bag full of bags of chips 😂

    51. Dustin Simmons

      Trump a great man

    52. The Dark Knight

      Dude Dana is the man

    53. The Dark Knight

      Steve is so fucking hilarious

    54. I’m just good good

      Trump will be misssed

    55. Magical surprise

      I though this was clickbait

    56. Diana Terogin

      Are they actually Trump supporters?

      1. sofreejack

        Yes as they should

    57. Shadow

      The true president 👏❤

    58. WhateverSuitsYou

      No way this actually happened

    59. IgotDatCandy PiffPirate

      HOLY SHIT I WAS AT THIS RALLY This is my home town!!! Fn send it

    60. John Wise Long

      I love America

    61. Patrick Schmidt

      Fuck Trunk!!!

      1. Ash S

        Learn how to spell bozo

    62. Aaron Sanchez

      If the send club got boobies unblurred am in.

    63. Fish Whackerz

      steve is the highlight!!

    64. Its Jbunny


    65. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 Instagram : thesweetestsydni

      1. Destiny

        No shit

    66. Jimmy Codaga

      Free salami

      1. Jimmy Codaga

        Trump 2024 boi

    67. Owen Dunham

      Miss you Donny

    68. kurakun

      *And then Biden happens.*

    69. Tim Daly

      Full send member right here. Lemme tell you, worth it boys

    70. Black

      damn i found out about nelk 24 hours ago. been watching every video since

      1. sofreejack


    71. Pierce Bakaev

      They really made America Send Again

    72. pittchaser

      Let's hope Trump comes back. What an epic video! This is freedom!

      1. N Manoj Kumar

        @Michael Silver yeah potato head bring back those days of 1982,2008 inflation & recession😂. He is worse than Jimmy Carter😂. Only dixiecrat still alive in usa.

      2. Ash S

        @Michael Silver lmao says the guy with the giants hat

      3. S Wavey

        @Michael Silver bidens fucking America right now or are you blind

      4. Michael Silver

        Haha what a loser

    73. Jake A

      Steve is just staring at Trump in the thumbnail haha

    74. Conner Welker

      fuck that guy who didn’t shotgun the claw he made him loose

    75. Adnan Ahmad

      Peace out pussies

    76. Devin Richter

      This is old and late but the mail in ballot prank shows the difference between the liberals and conservatives

    77. Superbaum


    78. Darth Logey Pogey

      Best youtubers and best president

    79. Suppenteller

      If you ever feel ugly, think about salim

      1. Suppenteller

        @Skip Payless but sid is cute

      2. Skip Payless

        Sid the sloth

    80. 发糕油_


    81. Ksj Dudh

      Ia that because he’s black? Steve what a fuckin legend

    82. ok

      Did Salim moan in Trump's ear?

    83. Halos

      That Karen regretting her life rn

    84. Deαr Mαmα

      "Listen to me, as a nigga" salim kills me man 🤣

    85. YNW Smelly

      Best Nell video ever

    86. Darthdisaster3000

      It’s about time I find mainstream FIblockr who talk about trump good ! You got my subscribe and future support from here on!

    87. aymoshrooms

      i wish dana was my unc

    88. ​

      Joe Biden in the oval office rn calling Salim the n word

    89. rykq

      Trump 2024

    90. SHADE - HEKA

      Bill Cosby did do it ....alright now you tweakin

    91. NonoEdits


    92. dizzle fshizzle

      How can I triple like this video 🤣🤣

    93. dizzle fshizzle

      Santa's storyline was the best out of all 😂😂😂

      1. dizzle fshizzle

        Also let's go Uncle Dana

    94. T Guess

      Missing Trump man 😔

    95. marco mj

      When even Trump supporters tell these kids to stfu and stop being disrespectful 🤦‍♂️

      1. S Wavey

        Media made y’all believe trump supporters are savages I swear🤣

    96. Lata Sharma

      Steve vs jake🔥🔥

    97. Oscar Torralbo

      BI-DEN just amazing

    98. Mike Gutierrez

      Great Video

    99. Vxid

      No offense bruh but all these dudes do is party and drink

    100. Graudaco

      The only qualities of a Republican that nelk have is that they hate masks and like guns. Other than that, they aren’t Christian one bit

      1. Ash S

        Don’t have to be a Christian to be a republican

      2. Kyro Zephyr

        Neither is Trump lol