NELK Is Going To Court!


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    1. timmy cheser

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    2. Jesus take the wheel

      Adrian lookin like a white gta online character

    3. Gregory Cobb

      Yooo nelk boys! Yall prob don't even ready these comments! But I've been having the hardest time dealing with my sons disability and you boys always make a smile appear on a face that barely smiles any more. It be wild if the boys acknowledged me be huuuge. !!! This shots for the nelk boys!

    4. BearMouse

      Let's get a half send

    5. Trish Moore

      The massage part was so funny.

    6. Lil Blart

      I love watching jessie fucked up

    7. View Boxed you

      Have you ever wondered what’s disability you would have if you had to choose, I think I would chose to be death, like I can’t hesr

    8. Kevin Moran

      I've watched NELK for the last 6 hours straight and dude....your guy's video editor took you to two levels up.

    9. Cody

      Wonder what that hat is selling for now eh

    10. J P

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    11. Onsen Mcbirdie

      Look out for me. im sandy neck! and i got a rolex :'D died

    12. Flynn Keenan

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    13. Kyle Stew Adventures

      what happened to porky?

    14. J.A.C. Money Entertainment

      holy trouble!!! hahaha never a dull moment, thank you for a good laugh and great content!

    15. Apex Hound777

      What sup with steve wearing the chin diaper at the end.?

    16. Collin Brigman

      This video got real gay real quick had to fast forward sorry boys no disrespect

    17. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    18. Goatqueen

      Patting down Steve won’t do shit, pretty sure he can hide mushrooms in thin air

    19. kyle lweryu

      Steve’s mug shot 😂😂

    20. Isaac Yarullin

      Before jail asshole is only 5c big after jail 50c 😂😂😂

    21. Gio

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    22. Philly Philly

      Jesse is seems like the funniest drunk ever! Glad he’s sober but he seemed like a blast!

    23. Louie Franco

      Sandy fucking Nick

    24. Acidic zIvy

      21:23 r😂😂😂

    25. Acidic zIvy

      Let's play skate jesse

    26. Adrian Leon

      You definitely need to fucking do a video of you guys chasing close behind people in golf carts. Make them mad as fuckkk 😂😂 Or driving right beside them and trying to run them off lmao

    27. jazzmin blacky

      lmaoooooo steves mugshot

    28. Marko Druzeta

      "shit looks like my last kills fucking asshole" - Kyle

    29. Pompay

      where is the footage of the target prank they said they would upload after the court case?

    30. Constantly hungry

      I don’t speak English but with subtitles in I’m understanding more ok

    31. sf49er1998 _

      Pulling out the pork chops got me dying😂😂😂

    32. John Smith

      how is salim so fuckin uncoordinated?

    33. gordon flores

      bro steves mom playing bradley like that cracked me up

    34. gordon flores

      thats a poor fucking excuse lmmfaooooo

    35. Jon Snow

      19:52 is that blurred porn? 😜

    36. Kaishu F

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    37. Trinity Eells

      The massage scene hahahah in the background "every kiss begins with Kay" should have said your name was Kay and pointed to it.

    38. Aly'sWebcamAcct

      Come to Jacksonville Florida to fuck with ppl we have a beach n you can stay in my house fo freee

    39. Notyouravergejoe


    40. Henry Stover

      Balls #lol

    41. MrDawson777

      Steve's mom neglecting bradley martin is the best thing

    42. 2kdolo

      Sir chill

    43. Justin Salazar

      kyle: “could you just be like i just met sandy nic he’s never been here before but he’s on track to shoot 3 under”

    44. Leonardo Rios

      GOATS 🔥

    45. Xavier Yera

      Did they actually call the on him

    46. richard boehlke

      Fullsend snowboard

    47. vano biashvili

      Are the mugshots in the thumbnail real

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    50. J -

      This shits way better than dobriks

    51. Troy F

      oooooooooo canada

    52. BloodMoon_986

      6:36 "why are you taking my balls sir?" only dirty minds laugh at that, and yes that includes me

    53. Adrian Baribeau

      Salim!!? Them swings bro 😂

    54. AT Real DINO 666

      In there language NELK means idiots.

    55. SWOOPED

      That’s the Florida mall lol

    56. Jalen Denard

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    57. Colby King

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    58. TheNYJets15

      Saleem is hilarious!!!!

    59. TheNYJets15

      How these guys do this with a straight face is beyond me! I love it!

    60. Jill Colleen

      LMAO 🤣 Mike Busey swiped me on Tinder- pre verified days. I did not think he was a real person.

    61. Hydrox

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    62. LeezooTheKing BriffaAaa

      These guys saved my life❤️

    63. David Garcia

      Damn everyone was skinnier here

    64. Dave Miller

      Kyle is the goat man lol

    65. chris barrett

      isnt it funny that all golf players get pissed so fast lol

    66. Hydrox

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    67. JC

      Bruh that massage scene was fucking hilarious.

    68. Oscar Corza

      When he moans n the message place classic

    69. JorseyMemes


    70. A1Npreston_Plays

      No one else peep that dick shaped pond @1:56 or just me

    71. Faus1k

      Rip zaps in the portal potty

    72. micdoses1

      Yo brad handle both them pigs

    73. no and no

      cant tell if the bradley shit is real

    74. Charlie Fox

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    75. ZenEyeP

      anyone know the name of that song at the beginning?

    76. Odyssey ika

      19:55 for an in blurred image

    77. Romeo VSS

      “What should we do with it then?” *sizzle*

    78. Zeke Button

      how Steves mom just fuckin doesn't care bout brad😂

    79. Raffi kemterc

      I love when they bully salim

    80. Hyper Magno

      Plot Twist: they were actually police

    81. Funk Boii

      RIP Tiger🐯 (*´ー`*)

    82. Cypherx

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    83. Syafiuddin Azahar


    84. Corey Zanth

      I dont think you're playing Bridgestone loooool

    85. kaiah clarke

      This was peak Nelk

    86. trippiebabie redd

      lol the tittle so exciting

    87. BTS 123

      For future reference never smile in your mug shot it could mean the difference between guilty or not guilty seriously

    88. Robert Duverger

      The massage part was fucking hilarious when Salim was trying to grab the guy and when he kept saying no then said ok 🤣🤣

    89. Caleb Dickson

      The belligerent step-mother anecdotally cheer because scorpion regularly spray toward a descriptive mall. crooked, lacking stream

    90. Jerry Ao

      Bradley's gonna be in jail for a long time for assaulting the cop and resisting arrest lmao

    91. xXwheeliebinXx VRXA

    92. Parker Johnson


    93. OmellyJack *

      Lmfaooooooooooooooo this Bradley Martin skit thingy is hilarious 😂😂

    94. Cory

      Kyle is legit so fucking good at golf.. lol

    95. bruhmooment

      now we know why steve’s mom wouldn’t hug bradley back

    96. Reagan Widdows

      salim is the best at pranks

    97. Dondae Booter

      MUG TEE

    98. sayan sana

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    99. Road Runnerr

      Oh nawh

    100. Sunny Demise

      Bout fucking time