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NELK started a RIOT in Texas!


3,5 milj. näkymät35 000


    1. McCall Eichner

      NELK to 10 mili

      1. I love being ripped


      2. Misc Misc

        NELK NELK NELK NELK NELK btw im from dallas

      3. Ayn On

        Kyle for Prime Minister

      4. Alex Hage

        Coke heads

      5. Eric Brito Fitness

        Nelk boys need a movie no cap

    2. Kadin Smith


    3. Steven Galdamez

      What’s the song that the guy is playing on his phone

    4. Bryce Teasdale

      You won’t come to my addy 265 laurentian cares Sarnia ont

    5. Jose’s BBQ


    6. Jose’s BBQ


    7. Static Collection

      seeing these fans reactions just as good as the video you guys reallly make people happy

    8. Famo Bravo

      What the fuck NELK boy where 1 block from my house SHIT!!!!!!! Next time stop by boys wifi and shitter is always open

    9. Mark Spinozzi

      Come back to Texas and hit the suburbs like Frisco and tear it up bad!!

    10. Retro Fotos

      Everybody - 1.2.3 “Applebee’s” Kyle “HOOTERS”

    11. TheDarknessOfGames


    12. Logan Morrisseau

      living the dream by chucky slick my booooys

    13. Brando Mark

      Vanhallen would have been my go to if I had a choice

    14. Ryan Degrieck

      18+ gang lol

    15. Edward Yeung


    16. Daily Dose of Rips

      I thought I was getting hacked 😂😂😂

    17. Jordan Zinom

      That first guy was a savage 💪🏽🙌🏽

    18. RESO RENNY

      12:50 BRUH ITS LIKE THEY HIS GRANDPARENTS 😭😭 I’m dead lmfao

    19. michael marcial

      Are you guys gonna be fly outta John Wayne airport soon I work there

    20. Vinylle in the hill

      13:10 rock on rockers!!! Btw my top 5are Beatles PinkFloyd LedZepp Queen GretaVanFleet Peace and love from the Philippines

    21. Micah Parks

      old people are so nice. sad no party with all the fans

    22. Chino

      You cannot photoshop this!!

    23. Adam Molina

      yo im graduating this year in July !!!!!!!!!

    24. Adam Molina

      nelk nelk nelk nelk

    25. Alec Taylor

      song at 19:29 ?????

    26. Steven

      No one knows the song at 19:00?

    27. Chacho Ramirez

      “You dont get it, the answer is no” “...yes??” I’m fucking dead 💀

    28. Brad James

      NELK BOYS 2021!

    29. GrizzleyWorld RP

      Salim is ode foul lmfao

    30. young ricecooker

      magic mikeeeeee

    31. Nils Yt

      next video, fond nine 0

    32. Zach Smith

      I’m surprised those libs let u in

    33. the truth

      Love nelk

    34. the truth

      One more wuestion anybody get alchol poising trying to keep up to king steve?

    35. the truth

      Csn use my shitty wifi from 905

    36. the truth

      Lol you bous rock

    37. the truth

      Ask uncle dana if next ufc you can bring coolest fan to a fight

    38. the truth

      Link me a job and ill do every roof you ever need free but would love a job with you boys behind scenes cause you guys are funny

    39. the truth

      I need a job kyle

    40. the truth

      You guys rock from 905 love to meet the boys lifes hard for everyone you put smiles on my face

    41. The Broke Broker

      Bro u guys better be slapping hundies in there shitter after there actually nice enough to let u in and help u guys make insane amount of money I would so I hope u compensate them a bit

    42. Odio Tutti

      12:28 The moment she heard the dark web & F.B.I she became frightened 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Richmond BallHockey

      the fan guy loves Steve lmaooo

    44. Darren Pats


    45. Teeko Train

      Sick party!!! Yeah fuck the mask bull shit

    46. Myuhlls

      bro said eddie van halen lmfaooo

    47. xo xo

      I’m a local drug dealer I actually just served your neighbore an 1/8. Can I use your shitter? 😭😭😭😭😭

    48. skwkekeke Akü maga anjenf

      Just bought like 100$ worth of ADA and DNT let's goooo


      Lol I have like a 100000 districtOx

    50. INYADO

      Can you make a vid on #DNT and $ADA?

    51. Hünerli bayan

      Bro make a vid on $DNT its gonna behuge

    52. Komedi Türk

      yo when alt season starts DNT coin gonna go crazy

    53. Mr. Asterix

      Let's go $DNT community best community

    54. CLOW

      Yo I cant find this coin how to buy?

    55. Efsane Oyuncu

      Can you make a video on how to buy districtOX?




      BUY THE DIP!! DNT to the moon

    58. Afşin Alyarov

      it's already 2x lol moon here we come

    59. emin eren DÖNGEL

      I'm HODLING ADA and $DNT to the moon

    60. Beratolojii

      have faith man hodl all the way this

    61. SpeC

      Gonna come back to this District0x 10x

    62. Papyon Reis

      holdin a bag of ADA and DNT let's go

    63. SOFT SEC

      were gonnna be millionares no lie bro

    64. Sadece Hayyatta

      ADA DNT To The Moon

    65. 17kYunus

      Yo let's go just bought 10k DNT and some ADA lol

    66. Hüseyin Özenç


    67. Gökhan Özsoy

      I'm HODLING DistrictOx $$$ let's gooo

    68. Semih Tarih

      Let's get DNT to be the next ADA!!

    69. Tayfun Taflıoğlu


    70. Donald Blunt

      11:11 is my type of guy 😂😂💀💀

    71. Donald Blunt

      9:50 bruhhh it’s really that easy to get old people’s WiFi and steal their identity

    72. Donald Blunt

      Dude at 5:00 is a cluck head 😂

    73. Brooke3939

      “I gotta drop like an absolute authentic fender Stratocaster right now”

    74. Digital Demon Solodolo541

      It’s oregun not oregone

    75. Louie Valle

      20:20 No one caught the guy 😂

    76. NorthValley J

      What’s the song when y’all was in the club? I’ve been tryna find it buh I can’t

    77. Wavy Bone

      Yee Yee

    78. Halos

      This fanbase is the most committed fanbase I've ever seen and I'm glad to be a part of it!

    79. Edgardo Ortiz

      I’ve been caught up with most of all the videos I think but can someone please explain to me where and why Jesse ain’t in the videos anymore?

    80. Thomas Dunn

      Lucas being useless no surprise

    81. Perseverence

      dude that just guy killed himself with that whiskey he just became a martyr wtf man :o O_O

    82. Perky

      real shit tho who knows the song at 16:40

    83. big fish

      Fuck yeah NELK boys! Commenting for the boost👍

    84. CL56

      Steve seems to be the only one thats seen a gun before...

    85. XtZ Neo

      "It's gonna be a hell of a documentary eh?"

    86. izcey

      Texas know how to get down

    87. Luis Harp

      You guys are the best

    88. shayna moore

      I like y’all’s content but as a woman it makes me uncomfortable the way y’all talk about women. It doesn’t bother me that much just think y’all should set a better example on how to treat women

    89. Mahyar

      The international lovely team ♾👌🏻🍻

    90. brady olson

      Kyle, you built this. This is what you made possible. Another canadian homie making waves. FUCKING tsunami waves.

    91. Logan Miller

      That old dude who gave him his wifi is the goat

    92. Yobama 4302

      Start a BLM riot in his toilet? hilarious!!!

    93. Young_g7.62


    94. Merica DrSatanPSN

      Can I please have a bitcoin Steve?

    95. 71wheel6kush


    96. shook1nzz

      TX is fucking insane

    97. nyxanrd1

      Do a gathering of the Juggalos type meet

    98. Steven Grobßkreutz

      Kyle with the flannel 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦to canada!!! Hahaha nelk started in Mississauga 😂😂😂

    99. Steven Grobßkreutz

      Is a wrap I wanna see bradley fight jake paul

    100. night hawk

      asian dude thought he was gettin some