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    1. NELK

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      1. JK F1

        Hire Magic Mike

      2. Charon

        You gotta hire magic mike now. Shit's hit 590k, mans deserves it.

      3. Newf Ie

        so..... wheres majic mike today? did yall get him down to see if he can be afit for the company. you never know what someone can bring to the table if the oppertunity arises. keep up the great work.stay safe and take care everyone

      4. Trevor Hoffman

        ADD LAPORTA14 on snap for a shoutout, he gets 200k-250k views

      5. Jonathon Knapp

        500k hire mikkkkkkeeeeee

    2. nic d

      Love magic mike. More magic mike.

    3. Patrick Jackson

      here in 2021, you guys have to hire this man.

    4. Movingsequence

      Magic Mike!!!! Let’s goooo!

    5. IGohamxTruStory ENT

      The golfers be mad af lol the lightsaber LOL

    6. eli jigs

      500k likes fly him and his mom out we wanna see

    7. Moises Salazar

      Nelk boys should be world wide

    8. Tyrique Shaw


    9. Jesus Lopez

      Why isn’t magic mike hired yet

    10. Dave ray

      You hit 500k!! Hire that man!!!

    11. Bradley mantla

      What happened to magic mike

    12. Frank Azzuri

      We got him 500k likes

    13. Drake Atherton

      Um 599k give this man a job

    14. Ryan Strahan

      I don't want to hear you guys crying lmao Kyle and Steve will do it are the goats

    15. Banzai Buckaroo

      Bro! Get it!

    16. Billy Carleton

      hire magic mike!!!!

    17. Watch This !!!

      You guys are soooooooo Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. Joe C

      Restoring faith in humanity these guys have more class than all of Hollywood combined !

    19. Sebas_ Akgvi

      Yo hire this guy

    20. jo merry

      you passed 500 likes hire Johny

    21. Joshua B

      Put Mike on, he needs y’all boys.

    22. Real world Cichlids and more

      U got over 5k

    23. Met Mathis Gaming

      give him a job

    24. MicahhhHD

      I’VE BEEN PLAYING HERE FOR SIX YEARS! 😂😂 Gets me everytime.

    25. fshsunlimit21

      Does anybody know if mike got hired?

    26. jewsh

      Heart of gold gg bois

    27. Spencer Goodwin

      Salim is acting like he can drink alot compared to someone who doesnt have molly and coke to bring themselves back to life and keep going. BIG FACTS!

    28. SaltShaker

      These guys rake cheddar and they’re slamming Burnet’s. Upgrade

    29. Roman Richardson

      Aye almost 600k likes waiting for the vid

    30. Mista Matt


    31. AdoptMe_HighLights

      599K LIKES IS Magic mike hired? LETS GO NELKKK

    32. Arie Starr


    33. MR. Flash

      Happy dad

    34. Tony T

      Wheres magic mike

    35. bdbsha xhshaja

      let’s get nelk 1m likes let’s gooo baby nelk taking over youtube

    36. archie ???

      NELK please Fly magic mike out it would make his dreams

    37. Trish Moore

      So did they hire him? I'm really curious. Remembering who help you boys become what you are is epic!

    38. Nibbå


    39. fatguy7658

      Hire magic mike!

    40. Colin Chopan

      damnit i love you boys

    41. MBGH Gaming

      Yo where da fuck is Magic Mike bro, yall got 500k likes

    42. 87 ONTHEBEAT

      Big homies said "probably the rest of my life" ...................i completely paused the video and died laughing!

    43. Nico Farinola

      i see 500k likes wheres magic mike at

    44. Jorge Montoya

      He got 599K likes... they should really hire him .

    45. Paydro Guapp

      Whoever the fuck started cutting onions needs to get shot

    46. Jonathan Villasana

      Did yall hire him or what it’s almost 600 k likes


      Hire him

    48. Michael Tompkins

      This guy was there from day 1 fuck 10k use need too set this man up for life ans give him a job n shit.. someone like tht when use had nothing be an INSANE video! Take him with use next ufc, give him a job etc.. dude needs too get away from his mom and start living!

    49. Michael Tompkins

      Boys this is my favourite video so far, i just started watching like a week ago and i r wat hed HOOUURRSS of videos catching up.. u guys need to go all out for this guy hes clearly destined for a bullshit basic life with parents over him etc.. u shud do a video like steve does where he just goes crazy and gives a homeless person a tuggy n shit n changes their life, but mix that with steves single mom videos giving shitload of cash!.. but use need him with use like give him a job and kit him out with roley n car n shit it would be UNREAL! Steve gives away 50k too random ppl this guy had ur back from day 1 use. Need too set him up

    50. Prashant Gawand

      Should have gave him more but

    51. Ajay Ramgoolam

      Legendary guys

    52. tychief cooks

      The fancy sudan mainly blot because action qualitatively hug failing a ragged ankle. oafish, wandering diaphragm

    53. 956 vlog squad

      We reached the goal boyss

    54. 956 vlog squad

      Ayo hire himm

    55. walif walif

      time to hire gents... fam from cape town

    56. Connor Huffman

      My guy just cried in front of all thoes people and the internet he deserves a spot on this channel

    57. Christian Alexander

      Hire magic mike!

    58. Rourke Pearse

      where is magic mikeeee

    59. lee

      Hire magic mike fr

    60. Thomas Auger

      Where's Mike

    61. Leo Mesa

      God bless his heart, he deserved it forsure. Ya'll are awesome.

    62. fate chronics

      Bring him he needs it

    63. Dirt Ey

      Bach in the day we try and hide it now days they make money off it. Wrong gen

    64. luke martin

      600k mike better get hired

    65. alexander cooks

      590k likes gota hire magic Mike bro

    66. david lilz

      500k likes take him out

    67. Joseph Holder


    68. The Hernandez Family

      there’s more then 500k likes !!!! get my boy magic mike a job !! fly him out turn up!!!!!

    69. Arjun Basra

      Dudes mom is lowkey fucking his head up. Womans vibe is just controlling af😭

    70. Cristian Arizmendi

      Hire him!!!!!

    71. Brian Hernandez

      Over 500k hire this man! And me too

    72. Oliver Flynn

      Higher magic fucking mike

    73. Greg Erdmier

      Show ya real hire mike 536k likes be a men a your word,boyz.

    74. Zack Choppa

      Not gunna lie bro i teared up struggling really bad as well and i kno how it feels to be in the hole so much and ready to end it all man...but this hits hard brothers

    75. Luuk x

      Well, mike got a job i guess

    76. bustin bustin

      NELK been getting dem nice bitches

    77. Jacob Lane

      HIRE MAGIC MIKE, this might of been the most wholesome video on FIblock

    78. Boaz Alderden

      uhm... 21:26 we almost hit 600k likes... where is mike? :)

    79. Jose Rodriguez

      598k likes , is mike hired ayeeee

    80. Brandon Peever

      What a bunch of fkn beauties. Just floored. Way to go boys. Reppn Canada.

    81. Caiden Kerr

      This was a fuckin banger boys

    82. Ben & Alyssa Begin

      We got 500k likes! You guys GOTTA hire him

    83. Isaac Lucio

      Hire mike, this shit is at more than the 500k

    84. Bryant Martinez

      Awesome video. Could feel all mike is going through. Living that life. It would mean the world to him if you guy hire him. Me as your fan would really appreciate that. Nuff love and respect bros❤️🙏🏼

    85. fatguy7658

      Hire him! I know I’m late but still!

    86. Gaige Tobler

      I love this video!! It’s so wholesome and motivational❤️❤️

    87. Chephoner Arias

      Hire him you will free him from his life .he seems really depressed by the pressure they make him pass on a daily basis he really needs fun times better than money if u hire him you’ll be saving him from a raw future

    88. Spencer Goodwin

      the lightsaber sounds when the dude is waving his arm is fucking hilarious. 8:00 - 8:05

    89. Matthew Gamman

      why did that one guy look like a hillbilly Ninja?

    90. Julian Rocha

      Wtf yall got 500k likes.

    91. Ethan Diaz

      hire mike

    92. Nado1k


    93. JBARR Vlogs

      That was really nice of y’all to do that for him. Full send baby!!!!

    94. C Money

      600k magic Mike's going to the send house!!!

    95. Colin Carl

      there’s 500k likes homeboy got hired

    96. AbztractTV

      600k likes, time to fucking hire mike boys teach him to send it for real!

    97. Mark Francis Hill

      Magic mikes mom Killing the vibes ayyeee

    98. Jose Ferreira

      Party beasts and legends

    99. connor Pratt

      Please find a job for that man

    100. Dillan Martin

      You are