Surprising People With Tekashi 6ix9ine!


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    1. NELK

      1,000,000 likes and well do it in the hood

      1. lil saur

        NEED IT

      2. lil saur

        Nees it

      3. c4squad


      4. charmanater


      5. LIPSKOTV


    2. Tiffany Picott-Kokason

      69 goat

    3. Mahbub K

      This is tekashi fan base, just some spoilt jock loseers that grew up on Starbucks and xbox! He used the black gangster culture to really impress these gentrified f tards

    4. Israel Nolasco


    5. Justin Joseph

      The whole trump part was gold 💯 I paused the video and subbed up immediately for that

    6. Hotta Flex26

      First time watching nelk Me: these Boyz are so dirty mouthed and disgusting Also me: subscribing cause I love them. I'm here to stay for sure ❤️


      Haaa nobody wants a part two of this crap lmao!!!!!

    8. The Exposer

      I miss Jesse man🥺

    9. Micah Hayes

      16:42....I can see y 69 almost died working out after this; he is packing the lbs in this video. Eat too many honey buns in the feds.

    10. Foofke Music

      16:26 the video starts 🙃

    11. Plato N

      this was a joke and became reality, our society is breaking down

    12. daniel mcclafferty

      brooo we need part 2 AASSAAPPPP #fullsend

    13. Lii Breezo

      This vid was 🔥🔥 no cap

    14. Tom Klima

      It's absolutly gorgeous how they ignore Corona💪

    15. Del Blodgett

      Sixnine loves dong sandwiches!!

    16. Del Blodgett

      I bet T 69 can't wait to go to prison so he can get his ass torn up!!

    17. Christopher Barros

      Steve is the man!

    18. Fifty Seven

      "I shouldnt have mucked her barn but I did"

    19. Iceman Carl


    20. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    21. Jerri Harris

      ok but does 6ix9ine not know SPM be putting it on for the mexican people ? dude be putting out music WHILE in jail nuff said

    22. mansisity

      Get this shit to a million lol

    23. The Burnett Family

      Just straight up legends! #FULLSEND

    24. .

      Yo that chick remy at 20:00 is HOT

    25. Tomah Linwood

      So cringe, none of the people where even remotely fans.

    26. Mateo Leon

      Six nine will last with the friends he’s got a couple of years probably 10 years but then he will be by himself or with few people

    27. Jaquet


    28. Josh Sutherland

      These people are legit idiots lmao

    29. Emanuel Martinez

      6ix9ine look like a damn lollipop

    30. Juan Sebastian Torres

      This is THE American dream

    31. Joanthan Padilla

      Fuck trump

    32. Cold World

      6:19 rafiki learned to speak hahaha

    33. Ian Mwaliko


    34. Miguel

      Why rem look like Danny's baby momma 😂😂

    35. Steve

      14:39 no way your security is carrying a glock with a drum mag. That is the dumbest most clout chasing shit ever. Be careful who you guys hire this guy is more of a liability then security

    36. Mick Sean


    37. Zecty

      most awkward shit ever 18:10

    38. dizzle fshizzle

      Any full send Zippo lighters left? I need one now!

    39. dizzle fshizzle

      The sneaky doc cousin 😅 😂😂😂😂


      Where the “thats my mom “ comments at

    41. Predominance 🐅🐅🐅

      What about 6th grade help me get another one

    42. Josiah Salo

      U aint a good influace steve

    43. Tyler Graziano

      Omg that's messed up!!!y'all are the 😈.getting people to talk shit with 69 right behind them. Daaaaang !*DIANA*

    44. night hawk

      I know the truuuuwuuuuuth

    45. Mark Murphy

      Nelk has to be the best quality content you can get for free fr

    46. kyle


    47. Bowner

      if you see this Stevewilldoit, you owe me on roobet. KingJ905

    48. morayno

      “No one puts on for our Mexican people” forgetting one of the biggest Jimmy Humilde! 🙌

    49. datRatboy420

      Tru.p lost anyways


      Tekashi 💪

    51. ItzGarnet

      “Aight gazebo”

    52. Rambo John

      This is so demeaning, I honestly can’t say anyone deserves this but he wanted so....

    53. Tin Locon

      Report video : God doesn't like that!????

    54. Tin Locon

      Every time 69 interviews like that, security knows all their names, everybody in those FIblock videos!??

    55. Charles Leonard

      Imagine if Jessie and 69 were lovers. Like super flamboyant gay lovers. That would be beautiful.

      1. Charles Leonard

        Jesse*. My bad.

    56. T J

      "mugged her barn"

    57. mr.perfect2.0 Awesomeness

      Rip to the guy who got on his knee for the first time in his life because Trump still lost LMAO

    58. Hugo Gomez

      How many implants and foreign objects does 69 have in his head ? His human head (69) is double the size of a normal human head . Tf ? And supposedly younger than the nelk boys ???? Wierd asf

    59. Jonathan Broughton

      I don't know Jack about 69 but he own them kids

    60. Lil Los

      Peso peso

    61. lambman

      1 mill likes

    62. Tony Rich TV

      Rip shadow

    63. Gavincci aka Draco the flame

      6ix9ine was getting hella pissed at dude lnfao

    64. Gavincci aka Draco the flame

      Dude kinda made an ass out of himself after drinking too much

    65. musicrocksfu

      I died when he said “whitest teeth I have ever seen” 😂😂

      1. Will

        “Whitest teeth I have ever come across” 😂

    66. CHanks25

      Even 6ix9ine was like “how tf is he doing that, is he good?”

    67. Uddipta Kashyap

      6ix9ine comes at 15:22 Thank me later for saving your time

    68. Byron

      Girl at 6:03 pissed me off, why she ain’t mind her own damn business

    69. Leeroy Jenkins

      16:29 6ix9ine tweaking on them percs

    70. yosef hailie


    71. ShaneWilliamsOriginal

      6ix9ine's bodyguard wearing a GTA 5 heist outfit

    72. DFG Raheem

      16:32 if u jus came here for the title 🤣

    73. lazerr

      Does anyone know what camera they switched to at 3:45 ? clean as fuk

    74. Erik Vallejo


    75. Hason Mathis Jr

      He is doing business with a 🐀

      1. Tim Dot


    76. Ammaar Essa

      Part 2??

    77. Jesus Christ

      Be careful if you do anything illegal around him he might snitch on you

    78. Itsme_ zyra12

      15:26 is when Daniel comes in

    79. taylor jones

      69 is madddd to workout to. Especially on heavy lifts

    80. PracticeMakesHabbit(TITO)


    81. Vincent Kealy

      I love 6ix9ine

    82. Victoria Correa

      When Salim started crying for .4 seconds I really felt that

    83. Damianpp456

      Bruh the fucking kid who rapped said I’m Mexican from Chicago homie was straight Caucasian

      1. Colin Chaney

        He was darker than 69?

    84. Pachi Pach

      That private jet clip was dope

    85. Dubem Nwosu

      69 comes at 15:24 your welcome

    86. David Lopez

      Berner and snow the product put on for La Raza

    87. Carnitas btw

      6ix9ine didn’t snitch first his niggas snitched him out and kidnapped him

    88. FozzyBearJr

      That guy got on one knee and trump still lost lmao

    89. richard boehlke

      Do a snowboarding video

    90. Tomm Noble

      I knew it

    91. E. B

      A lot of cringe

    92. Tanea Bree

      6:08-6:16 I have never laughed harder

    93. Syed Ahmed

      Damn drunk dude reminds me of someone who experienced his first ever college party & broke his virginity for the first time. Awwh the good old days, i'm talking about myself 👍

      1. Lionn

        So freshman years?

    94. Andrxs /


    95. D_WillYT ➊

      6:01 shut the hell up and get outta peoples business Karen.

    96. D_WillYT ➊

      The Intro= 🔥

    97. pascal m

      R.i.p. 1 million likes😂😂😂😂

    98. Aaron

      See how quick they change up🤣

    99. Valentino

      I feel sorry fore 6ix9

    100. Jackie Mehoff

      Holy fuck. They were at Red Heads in the lake of the ozarks. I live 5 mins from the place by Margaritaville. Small world. Missed the fuckin boys. I’m sad