Taking a Virgin to the Club!


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    1. Draco’s Vc

      This was a actually a fire video🔥 Good shit boys!🔥

      1. Stetson Dinkel

        @Katzman Ryan no it wasn't there's a bunch of videos of jack denmo doing this way before nelk

      2. I am who I am

        @Katzman Ryan uuuh....no

      3. Katzman Ryan

        @I am who I am This video was posted before

      4. Katzman Ryan

        @Stetson Dinkel This video was posted before

      5. Fabrisio Muniz


    2. Riley Dudley

      Drain the pool and fill it with happy dad

    3. adrian luna

      Let me join nelk I will full send anything 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    4. adrian luna

      Let me join nelk im 19🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    5. adrian luna

      Bro you guys said u guys wanna do stuff for fans , get a random fan to join nelk!!!

    6. Andra142

      Can we just get rid of Jimmy

    7. A.J. Gladieux

      6:10 song name?

    8. Big Draco

      tf is belfort doing in here

    9. Zack Choppa

      Who eles thinks salim looks like franklin the turtle lmfao

    10. SkILLz mAnIaC Football skills

      Never noticed happy dad in this

    11. RICARDO

      5:44 No you can't....lol....you look like a shoe.

    12. chris szostek

      Nelk getting a pedicure nice😂

    13. Todd Kennedy

      Was that a club or a party

    14. Joseph Rodriguez

      Where’s Jesse??

    15. moduman00

      Anyone saw the happy dad, kyle was holding at 10:41?

    16. Éli Poulin

      It the top jimmy

    17. Tony T

      Women F anything with money Men F anything 😂

    18. Max Wagner.17

      They were casually sipping happy dad before it are out

    19. Dyllan H

      Nah that’s the pu$$y palace or pepe plantation

    20. Luke Klask

      I just saw kyle in the van drinking a happy dad

    21. Elliott Potter

      They litterally drank happy dad on the jet

    22. Alex Rivas

      I’m a virgin

    23. Ron Jeremy

      Cant be tha only one wondering this why did u put candles in the cake but not light them boyz lmao

    24. Pedro Mariscal

      The new place has some full send vibes for sure

    25. Parth Dhanawat

      Wholy crap, NELK boys REMOVED the credits in description of Jack Denmo, the original creator of Virgin Squad for which this video was taken from. NELK boys texted Jack saying “our video editors cut it out but we will give you credit in description”, and now NELK boys removed the credits. That’s a scumbag move. Preety cowardly and low life way to treat a creator you stole from 🤦🏾‍♂️

    26. Ndumiso Mtwana

      She's a virgin because she hasn't been to the club. Not because she's aint had dillllfff before.

    27. The Pop Historian

      Steve always slaying David Dobrik!

    28. alex soper

      Don't think i love anybody more than nelk they are fr the best 💯 keep it up

    29. Jack Howard

      Belive Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose 3 days later for your sins keep Jesus in your heart Jesus loves you spread the gospel amen God is good Jesus is King

    30. Micro Gaming

      When you just realize that happy dad was in a video before they released that they were making it

    31. Eric Velazquez

      Y'all should make a action comedy mixed type of movie 🎥 it would be so 🔥

    32. Conner Hawkins


    33. Uselescomment

      Bruh, theyre drinking happy dad on the plane and we had no idea back then

      1. Spencer Thomas

        bruh wtf ur right thats crazy

    34. ProGamer

      9:24 good advice

    35. Arctic Falls

      Didn’t realize they were shotgunning happy dad on Kyle’s drunk speech 😂

    36. Chris Hill


    37. Miguel Alvarez

      What are the songs in this

    38. Luis Monrroy

      I see you all w happy dad since here

    39. spooder foo

      the virgin foo gives me a creep vibe lmao

    40. fshsunlimit21

      Proud of you guys, keep killin it, and take no prisoners!

    41. Big Facts


    42. Mo Money


    43. Jocelyne and Daddy

      Yoooo bless me throw a bachelor party for my homey in September this year please🙏🙏🙏 HMU!

    44. Jenni Rodriguez

      What song is that at 6:10

    45. Ryan Klugiewicz

      What’s the beer in the plane 😳

    46. Michael Ashton

      It’s funny the girls are hired because if they weren’t he’d be saying the same thing😆. Him going savage on em is gold. Perfect set up

    47. NGS FLIX

      Song name at 17:30 ?

    48. Phillip Le

      Wow Now I see Happy Dad

    49. Gavin Greer

      Happy dad was in this vid before they dropped it

    50. GreenSlug420

      I know the guy is Steves friend but the dude is a major try-hard..

    51. Jayson Bennett

      Anyone else notice the happy dad at 10:41

    52. Gianni Hart

      13:29 just noticed happy dad

    53. Jesse Moreno

      I Full send

    54. Jesse Moreno

      I/M gettin MARRIED Pick myself I/-ull Seno

    55. ryan h

      if JB comes back ill name my first born after Jimmy or whoever fr to punch him right in the mouth. I dont think salim has the stones, wheres jesse when you need him.

    56. Angel Guzman

      Those weed tees are fire

    57. Cash Styles

      Happy dad beer

    58. BeardOfPower

      The life Gambles has lived because of Nelk has made him quite shallow. I've never seen this much be done for one guy to get some sex.

    59. Joris Staal

      Realise they already had happy dad at this moment😆

      1. frowN

        i paused it and was like wtf i see happy dad

    60. Joac1193

      Belfort is a fucking legend

    61. Rick Martinez

      If you all need another assistant. Hook me up lol, my desk job is boring compared to this shit.

    62. Rick Martinez

      Jesus, I need to make Nelk money.

    63. Chris Gomez

      Y’all already had happy dad a month ago brazy

    64. chase burton

      bruh that speech hyped me up!

    65. ThePandaahBear

      Who else saw that they drank Happy Dad on the jet?

    66. Matfey Reutov

      What’s that Kanye song in the background

    67. My Toe

      "no more hits" cinnamon stick

    68. Jack Moran

      12:57 they literally have happy dads and no one knew

      1. Jack Moran


    69. Owain Davies

      The happy dad!! Caught that after seeing the new video

    70. connor wg

      They we drinking happy dad, but covered them up

    71. MikeTheLegend

      Stolen from Jack Denmo

    72. Mitch_Cannon

      Who else is looking back rn seeing everybody holding ‘happy dads’

      1. unetap

        yeah NOBODSY NOTICED

    73. Nicholas Noordyke

      come to michigan and link up with 42 dugg

    74. Kyle

      17:02 shitty manager drew always drinking

    75. Matthew Medina

      It’s crazy looking back at these videos and seeing happy day right in our face

    76. Jun Jun

      I left 4 months ago and I come back to a send castle

    77. Chris Canfield

      Jordan Belfort what a legend

    78. LIPSKOTV


    79. Laxman Bista

      NELK Guys join me in your team. That would be a fucking dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmcometrueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    80. Tyler Avery

      that david dobrik thing could actually happen

    81. Jacob Acosta

      Thought it was a severely seceret

    82. Jacob Acosta

      Anyone noticed the new happy dad seltzer?!??

    83. Luka Teggart

      David dobrik gets cancelled, nelk: 6:23

    84. Junior Avila


    85. Alex Engelbrecht

      Bro the fucking wolf hyped me up so much boys god damn it's about that time I get that birthday kill boys... This week it's my fucking birthday 🎉 June 8th what we doing boys

    86. Morgan B

      Not David actually getting cancelled take him in

    87. Father Fupa

      bro the amount of times they curse in these videos is a prank in and of itself. i get cursing but these guys are trying too hard. they are like those kyles that try way too hard to be extreme and they all have daddy issues. so cringe

    88. Likely Not Winning

      Laughing because of the bodyguard @9:26 contemplating on if he should get a manicure too 🤣

    89. Hayden Fowler

      imagine walking in to get ur nails done and just seeing the full nelk crew😭

    90. Swiiper

      Happy dad made an early appearance. Great Easter egg boys

    91. Jesse Steinvurzel

      is that a happy dad can?

    92. Jacob

      At 10:40 there is a happy dad in kyles hand

    93. Young Payson

      @12:55 you Can notice they’re drinking their happy dads lol

    94. Ben Klassen

      What’s the red heads @

    95. John Buchta

      gambles is a huge douche

    96. Hampus Urheim

      whats the mix? 13:00

    97. Onisan MMA

      He's the new 9o


      Coitado do Gabriel man kkkkkk

    99. Sonny Michael


    100. Oso Garcia

      "Why would you fk a dog raw "😭