Trolling College Tutors Prank!


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    1. John Lenyk

      NELK TO 10 MIL

      1. Jeffrey Frank

        @Zachary Cohen Lately I have been using flixzone. You can find it on google :)

      2. Zachary Cohen

        i guess it is pretty randomly asking but does anyone know a good site to stream new tv shows online ?

      3. JDC

        They’re getting worse and worse with fame, so back to 1 mil would be nice lol

      4. Max Me

        Lol NO

      5. Frank Thetank

        Its just something the world needs

    2. Felix Bedoya

      there's a tree in my backyard...... lmfaoooo

    3. devin bradford

      I feel bad for the pilot, felt like he was flying 3rd graders. Pink shirt has a cat in his pants

    4. BillPetersTV

      that was one of the safest small planes according to statistics but you cant flex that

    5. Alex Olson

      The boys need to buy a pj I’ll be your pilot for free🍾

    6. IGohamxTruStory ENT

      Like a mf movie love it

    7. Philly Philly

      When Lucas started swinging with the pie in his face I lost it.

    8. Not Me

      The Anthem by Good Charlotte? You guys have fire taste in music.

    9. Justin Petta

      Where is Jesse?????

    10. Ryan Bobbett

      Im waiting for the nelk documentary. Full send

    11. jewsh

      Pre punched shotgun hole on the happy dad cans LETS GOOOOOOOO DO IT

    12. Luis Castro

      Bobs a clown ass kid

    13. Vi bllo

      Yeaaahh Boys you said LITHUANIA !!!!!! LITHUANIA !!! from your lips is like something better it cant be cheers Nelk Boys ! love you best wishes from Lithuanian livin in Norway :)

    14. Mike Rupe


    15. DRYbot™

      Nelk is finally getting back to their old vids

    16. Guyy Placencia

      Lucas is so damn funny

    17. Lund3000

      What song is playing in background at 22:00

      1. Fxizaan 11

        Give me ur snap and I’ll tell u

    18. Jimmy The Tutor

      To the whole plane situation y'all forgot to wash out your clitsvand apply your Vagisil.

    19. J A

      What's the name of the song at 21:45

    20. Simonas Daniunas


    21. Brando Mark

      Columbia the Great sounds like home

    22. Aazaad Roka

      You guys are the new version of American Pie.

    23. M N

      bob is annoying

    24. M N

      Salim is the worst

    25. Kyle Bungart

      That's not blink 182 bud

    26. B Bergdale

      Salim is horrible

    27. Chad Cook

      Bob is a legit 🐈

    28. Ben Panasiuk

      baby areil


      The pink shirt guy is kind of a spaz like damn sry don't hate me

    30. i agree

      cmon u gotta apologize to the last one he seemed like solid guy

    31. Jazzy Michael

      Good Charlotte, good shit

    32. California Creep Catchers


      1. COOLDUDE RL

        How did they steal 60 from you

    33. Psyko Man

      Lucas allways bullying gambles. Fuking stick up for yourself gambles n smack him in the baws

    34. KmVex

      Yo the fighting air sent me mah dawg, smart fucking content

    35. Rodolfo Gastelum

      The edit quality raw asf

    36. MAXIMUM DiGiTAL -

      10 minutes ‘buy our overpriced junk with full send printed on it’ 10 minutes acting like little divas, straight up spoiled 15 year old girls about a plane not being nice enough for them. 5 minute reminder that they’re FIblock famous, don’t you forget it 2 minute of prank. You know, the thing is the only reason they have any subscribers at all.

      1. Jeremiah Bluer

        Someone's mad asf

    37. Stock Market George

      I liked this intro music much better.

    38. Flxsh

      I feel so bad for the guitarist at the end😔

    39. MJ B

      That Pilot is probally a Marine Corp Veteran that flew F18s and was thinking these guys are fucking IDIOTS, I pray and hope they never have to go to WAR".

    40. misha


    41. Ted Dan

      guitar man got bullied

    42. Jeric Rosima

      Ilove all vid nelk boys keepsafe godblessed im from philippines🖐️🖐️🖐️

    43. Dsorons

      Comment for the algorithm

    44. LIPSKOTV


    45. wannab billionare

      i am HAPPY BOY when i watch your vlogs XD

    46. wond3rlove

      They have a good taste in music. Great into song

    47. Denver Swinson

      anyone notice that they shotgunned happy dad before they released it

    48. oween 05

      These guys are so spoiled

    49. Robbie Omahony

      Lucas is the best lmao, *whimpers* " I wanna fuck the tree mom"

    50. Alex Engelbrecht

      Bob is the type of kid to through a "Jesse I can't wear white tantrum" when his daddy buys him the 2020 range Rover for him instead of the 2021

      1. HIP3RR

        Is that bob menery lmao don’t roast me I really can’t remember

    51. Keegan Pastor

      bruh what’s the song at 9:10

    52. Leslie Carter

      The instinctive hose tribally disappear because engineer intringuingly manage afore a wry brow. womanly, waiting season

    53. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

      For u 3.9k people to disliked y’all can smd

    54. IGottopea

      That’s my school 💀

    55. Elijah Cloyd

      “This guy got a fucking captain hat on” next scene salim is wearing iy

    56. T Bear

      Saturna is hot. Dayemmm

    57. Vic

      I’m just now getting back to watching the vids man I’ve been on a crazy bender

    58. Don Parish

      Bob is the worst


      Y’all are inspirational as **** all love from KANSAS CITY Missouri drop in!! and I have a smoking problem as well 😂🤙💪🙏

    60. Squizzy 614

      damn guys... thanks so much for what u do... i really wasn't feelin right today... just kinda bummed out for whatever reason... but watchin this video really picked me up... yall are the best for real... keep up the amazing work... nelk to 10 millie

    61. Idk Jj

      Damn it’s sad seeing Steve and Celina not together anymore.

    62. Adiddy

      druski don't fit in :////

    63. RedemptionTIME36

      Bob had an anxiety attack fr

    64. Andy Cagi

      Notice how they were already slammin´ Happy Dad seltzer when they shot this video. They really had the brand comming for some time..

    65. MrCHlNGster

      What happend to kyle

    66. Michael Stellar

      10 million 😂🤐

    67. 218

      "you have a nice beard" lmao

    68. GrandpaGlock BRUH

      I let the nelk boys crash at my place in Austin TX way before they blew up . If you’re reading this I still follow you guys! -tattooed officer from atx

    69. Nolen Hughes

      What has Nelk become. 13 minutes of drinking, thots, and complaining about a private plane to get to the cringiest shit I might have ever seen. Content used to be so much better.

    70. Dhairya Dave

      bro that intro music and just the intro in general was too gay lmao

    71. Scott Reid

      Here I am wondering if the plane crashes, whilst I’m currently watching the footage from that plane.. Good work Scott.

    72. Angus bal

      Up nelk

    73. Tyler Goit

      You guys should fit more rock n roll into the video tunes, I was jamming to that Good Charlotte intro man. Nostalgic Af

    74. Happy Dad

      Get a corporation license so you can be publicly traded. It would be cool to see the group funded by its fans.

    75. I'm Squash

      Bro Kyle knows guitar chords?

    76. Nikolia bravachkia

      Feel bad for the pilot because it really is a great bird like when you tell your friends you smashed a absolute 10 and they don't believe you. tip for next time If ever talking s*** about a pilot's plane and they do not get mad they just try to convince you it's a good plane he's a good pilot and stays cool under pressure and that's the man you want handling your stick.... I... mean uhhhhh flying your plane

    77. ThisIsAffy

      intro was actually fire

    78. ASVP chu chu

      12:43 best part

    79. James wohley

      I thought Lucas left Nelk in 2012 and ain’t coming back?

    80. Sonny Michael


    81. woosh 300

      8:16 ;D

    82. Hoss FN

      POV drinks beer mid elevator ride

    83. Hoss FN

      Every single item on the sight is sold out and I was very surprised they sold masks

    84. Kris Sosa

      You should go to grocery stores and buy all their bananas or watermelons or whatever lmao

    85. jonas cleymans

      Do a soccer shirt drop for your European fans

    86. FreezyHD

      Make the song at the end a real song in a studio🤣🤣

    87. Joey F

      shes tryna garden

    88. Chris Falx

      Wow acting is perfect

    89. Jesse Ybanez

      I just got arrested for beating up a cop I need yals help Nell boys !!!

    90. Rock Benassi

      Love to see dru In the Payton jersey

    91. Sean Stanton


    92. Will Hdksg

      The Nelk boys are so white

    93. Packapunch420

      Has anyone tookin a big ass shit while their drunk this shit fucken hurts 🤣

    94. Jordan Goodsell Vlogs

      Love the 2008 stock footage at 9:06 😂😂😂

    95. Bigdaddy pimpcup

      Bro I Don’t give a fuck if the pilot is officer doofy Id never bitch about that luxury jet shit😂🤣.. send it bros!! That mfr can have 10 pounds of coke and fuckin Stevie wander as a pilot!! I’m still hopin in!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻

    96. jake dot

      Since when does kyle know how to play guitar

    97. Fantastic Fish

      song in the intro?

    98. Jay ROXX

      Hell yeah lol

    99. w8Lo

      This channel is the reason covid is around smh

    100. German Delgadillo

      Video idea: sign up to AA and have the boys shot gun beers and Steve chug a bottle.