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Trolling Trump Supporters at a Trump Rally! (KICKED OUT)


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    1. NELK

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      1. Skylr Zeigenbein

        Go read my message that I left boys, and get at me and lets talk boys. Full send baby!!!

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      4. iHopeThisPops

        I wonder how many subscribers I can get with this comment? Let's go!

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    2. UPSPackaging

      bro you know jagmeet pullin bitches

    3. Jonathan Villasana

      They did that bs cause of salim is black smh

    4. Logan Francis

      Screw Heather

    5. Trish Moore

      Karen's always mad when ppl are having fun.

    6. Westinian

      “how bizarrely homophobic” fellas, is it homophobic to not be gay?😂😂

    7. 𖤐wuut.cambuur𖤐

      is this for a tic toc 🤪

    8. 6ticky

      The right are the real snowflakes.

      1. ̇

        @6ticky Lol you can't even respond!!!

      2. 6ticky

        @̇ ❄

      3. ̇

        Thats real original sweetheart

    9. L I L V C I F X R

      6:36 has me dying more then I have in so long

    10. Aiden Bernier

      12:00 looks like that Marcus guy on tiktok that does that news

      1. Young

        it! is

    11. stelio Kontos

      Salim is a legend aha🤣😂😂

    12. wond3rlove

      “Trumps always been active with the black community” LMAO

      1. SomeJúan Idk

        First step act

    13. PhishMan

      6:20 “Calculating if I shou-“ This mf killed The Character

    14. OhLookItsBryan

      I lost brain cells watching this.

    15. ggeorge

      Good content but saliiiimmmm bro you coulda had gold content low key fucked it up. But it’s all good though❤️🖤💚

    16. Kevin Moran

      dude.... how much money do you pay... how did you find this video guy.. how...? I wanna laugh but seriously

    17. D r x p p y

      that karens is gay

    18. steve zavala

      3:12 how to get pink eye

    19. CIA Special Activities Division

      I guess trump supporters don’t believe in free speech

    20. Kevin Jackson

      Trump rallies are chill as hell and super welcoming. That lady was the one acting like Antifa, going around ratting out people she's paranoid about. That's right out of the leftist 'peaceful protestor' playbook.

      1. SomeJúan Idk

        We don’t accept that Karen on the right. Move her to the intolerant left

    21. Emiliano Sandoval

      Bro the Jesse pissing his pants while talking to girls is so funny lmao😂🤣

    22. vk

      this is stupid


      They didn’t let them into the rally but months later they were on the plane with Trump lol

    24. C Through

      The fact that they met trump later

    25. zach goldwasser

      Did anyone realize they pranked that news guy from TikTok

    26. Evan Doherty

      is that marcus dipola

    27. Knicks In Five

      salims kyle impression was perfect 😂

    28. Vaibhav Singhal

      Salim fucked this up...... Nelk on live... Trashing trump..... Woah... Would have been ground breaking..... But salim didn't know it was gonna be live... So no fault

    29. Ronald Yousif

      the piss prank made me laugh out loud so much i woke my little brother up omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😭😭👏😂👏😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    30. Ramon Raggio Jr

      Salim fucked up 😂

    31. Youngforeverlasting YFL

      She said in front of 5 mill but look at the 7 they got

    32. ScoodaNinee _

      Fuckin Karen

    33. Sydni Sweets

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    34. hoojiiiii

      That Kyle impression was on point

    35. Avrey Satanove

      The raptors guy 100 percent

    36. Dillan Martin

      You are

    37. Brandon Shen

      Why were the security all ex aryan brothers

    38. Philly Philly

      Jessie doesn’t even have to try to be funny bro. He’s fucking hilarious

    39. Atticus Young

      Bruh da news guy is in here from tiktok

    40. Frostbite Forrest

      12:00 that dude is a huge news tiktoker

    41. Lesley Manning

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    42. Lena Rey

      Why does salim have to ruin things

    43. Ramon Aguilar

      I thought we were in a free country..I guess trump changing freedom to hitler laws lol..

    44. D1S0WN3D 2OXX

      Salim is the 🐐 🤣

    45. Freddy Fritz

      Camera is giving me motion sickness

    46. Jocelyn Hawkins

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    47. The sneaker King

      the guy in the red shirt who asked if it was for a tik Tok is the guy on tik Tok who does the news shit

    48. TC Video


    49. ctwatcher

      Hunter does more than cocaine. Go find the laptop boys. Do a troll on him. For the cuntry.

    50. Jeovani Martinez

      Funniest fucking video 😂

    51. maxbailes

      How mad you think this lady was once saw y’all with trump multiple times 😂

    52. LeakWRLD

      “I’m straight” The bitch: “how bizarrely homophobic” How in the hell....

      1. Daddy Middz

        That’s the dude from tiktok who does the new and stares in the camera

    53. Avice Richard

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    54. Mason Michael

      Little did Karen know they boys met up with trump a couple weeks later

    55. Alice Halls

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    56. BNKD Society

      18:37 Colonel Sanders

    57. ITzZ Crazed

      The last straight dude joke who was with his girlfriend has a big tiktok account were he talks about facts of the world or sum

    58. Expert Juan

      You knew she was bouta win when she already knew about a shotgun but not full send

    59. enrique palomarez

      Turns out trump was the better candidate thoee

    60. same forecast

      little did she know you would be on stage with the man

    61. Brandon Zapata

      Yo that Karen Fr got my blood boiling, gah damn

    62. Trent

      “How bizarrely homophobic” had me dead asf

    63. KhaosKaius

      Excellent kyle impression

    64. KhaosKaius

      I think a Komodo dragon is a little more expensive than a grand bud

    65. h

      I swear you ruined samir Don't worry he will be your companion in blazing hellfire

    66. Daddy krunker

      dude i got 2nd hand embarresment watching this

    67. Almighty Glo

      Salim basically got them kicked out lol

    68. Seki Tekken

      Are they at the house of the joursey shore

    69. easgo #1

      After they met trump these people probably feel dumb

    70. 〽 Z

      Fucking 9-0

    71. Christopher Phillips

      If they got Kicked out then how tf does Jordan Klepper stay in?

      1. J

        Jordan Klepper has a media pass, and ppl with media passes have privileges that protect them when they do a little trolling :D

    72. Braydon J. Higgins

      This is America

    73. phillip berto

      bruh they pranked a famous tik toker

    74. walter

      Yo was that the news dude from tik tok Marcus or something? W glasses and the red shirt

    75. Luppo 7

      “Where are we “ 4:14 *checks watch * “Illinois”😂😂

    76. free america

      Turns out Heather was there to troll and be a Biden supporter undercover. what a witch 🧙‍♀️

    77. Stephen Lalonde

      My cat had COVID lol he’s fine tho

    78. Thawadah Rock

      Crazy how they kick them out at a rally then they meet him personally

    79. Angelo zicarelli

      Lmao at the karen hair and face on the trump lady 🤣🤣

    80. Brittany Thornton

      The Best Action 💦💦💦 B.e.S.T f'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -A-m-A-z-I-n-G---❤️😘 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最.高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而.,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候..

    81. Julliet Low

      ❤'B.e.S.T F'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's-L-o-V-e-S-e-X---:heart::kissing_heart: Clickhere ➡ 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最,^&高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,^&,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候,^&,^&

    82. Not Entitled To Your Own Facts

      You have tons of followers, but are quite lame.

      1. General Freddie


    83. Damogus

      Donald Dump

    84. SJ-golflife

      Coming back to this video they were on stage with trump 💀😂

    85. We Game Together

      12:07 that’s Marcus from TikTok

    86. Luke Phipps [Student]

      Jag meet sing only excepts blowies

    87. Alex

      At 12:05 it’s Marcus the TikTok news guy

    88. Help me reach 23k with no videos ꪜ

      Lmao irony.... they can scream private property. But when it comes to mask that logic doesn't make sense. Fucking tools

    89. Corazonn YT

      You cannot go to Mexico with a lot of money and 0 weapons your lucky you got out there fast

    90. Ethan Eiss

      “Dieing” lmao love you guys but get some editors that can spell Jesus fuck

    91. Francis Meilleur

      I am french canadien and I vote Jagmeet Singh bro

    92. Alexandra Armstrong

      ⎝⎝✧🅵🅻🅸🆁🆃🆈🅹0🆈✧⎠⎠---❤️😘 ..👍➡️ ⤵️ !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候$$

    93. Poppy Melton

      2:43Love it! -√™√™-- 💕𝙏𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘿𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘿𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘾𝙤𝙫𝙞𝙙💋👇👇👇👇 Click Here 》》 《《 !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候||||

    94. Shane Hacker

      daannngg they had their own nazi super soldier security

    95. Mexican 89

      Salim is such a f*%#ing 🖕🏼that dude...

    96. Skylr Zeigenbein

      That was all salims fault no doubt, don't get me wrong I love all them guys and would be down to do what they are doing and be apart of the nelk boyz and I watch ALL of the videos and salim says things that automatically gets red flagged and ppl change there minds within seconds because the way he talks sometimes, like I said I love these guys but if salim would just think before he talks and says things more things would work and more pranks would go threw like planned, and it depends on who he is talking to depends on the words he should use and the pranks would always work but until the ppl that are getting pranked approve whatever he is asking them for something or to get something he should choose his words wisely and then when your in let it fucking rip but lol cuz i would of loved to see how that rally went but salim fucked it up talking about Trump fucking his mom he should of waited alittle longer to start saying things like that cuz that lady "Heather/Karen caught his ass lmao but always much love and when y'all come back to the ozarks hit me up and I'll show you guys what really goes down in the ozarks and take you guys on a real missouri/ozarks good ass time boys, i don't have a Instagram cuz I don't have time for that shit but I'm still a great ass time and will show y'all a great ass time so #nelkboyshitmeup #fullsendbaby! #muchlovefrommissouriozarks!

    97. Scotty Davis

      I wanna see the Amazon jungle prank done on brad

    98. Danny Russell

      Jesse is imo the funniest. I got love for all the boys but why take him off camera?

    99. Koin Gold

      I’m sorry unemployment...

    100. Koin Gold

      Is this for Tik tok ? 😂