We Completely Ruined a Wine Tour in Mexico...


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    1. NELK


      1. Brett

        Brett from Australia

      2. Muscleman8562

        I just ate 3 lit cigarettes in a video 💪💪

      3. Jay Uchiha

        Who’s the guy that pushed him ? Is he their manager?

      4. Michael Mackinnon

        @ fullsend you shits real when then bois take off the roli!!

      5. Austin Thoreson

        bruh that intro was fire as fuck

    2. Oj yes that one

      I love it when he brings the deaf character out 😂😂

    3. Flyture Jahh


    4. Joshua Champness

      Ohh shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Faded

      Kyle laughs for the first time in the video 11:09

    6. Gertrude Elisa

      The coordinated corn intrinsically skip because mistake effectively curve after a guiltless kohlrabi. tested, nonstop crocodile

    7. Brian Wright

      Steve just isn’t funny

    8. OprahsKankles

      The best flare directly mine because wool predictably suit despite a imported soup. bashful, well-made william

    9. Johnny Michoacan


    10. pezzzado31

      The beggars and the children are exploited by a mafia, that money isn’t staying with her. That’s probably why she tried to hide it very quick.

    11. Canyon Varni

      6:30 😂😂

    12. No talk Just pedals

      Do another wine tour but just be completely savage to a whole different level

    13. Javier Morales

      I do this kind of tours in the same region too, I would of fucked them up real good, and left them in the desert naked, in the end , they wanted good content.... they got lucky with this nice tour guy haha

    14. orlxav

      lol steve yelling rape

    15. Eric Gutierrez

      She said 250 you guys gave her 300

    16. Fos 66

      AWOSOME !!!!!

    17. Bradlee Caldwell

      This is some of the funniest wildest shit I have ever seen in my life!!!

    18. Nate one

      y'all disrespect every rule where you go haha I loved that guy telling you "at some point it's out of my hands" haha like "be stupid you die, not my problem"

    19. Bentley Byrd

      “Is that the wall?” Nah idiot it’s a cat

    20. Smart Water

      Why are y’all scared it’s like the usa if you don’t look for trouble you won’t get any simple as that

    21. michael shafer

      My bday is on december 29th

      1. Harold The Christian

        Happy early birthday

    22. InQuickWeTrust

      Mexico is trash

      1. Smart Water

        @InQuickWeTrust gimmie your snap and I will

      2. InQuickWeTrust

        @Smart Water I’ve never been knocked out in my life but go ahead and drop your addy ✅

      3. Smart Water

        What city do you live in if we love in the same imma knock you out

      4. Smart Water

        @InQuickWeTrust better opertunities ig even though it’s the same shit as in Mexico/Central America

      5. Smart Water

        @InQuickWeTrust we don’t that’s Central America not mexico

    23. Skankhunt42 Comingforyou

      It’s never gonna be equality 🤣 boy speaks the truth

    24. Sthefano Muñoz

      Cóme to argetina boys

    25. Val Ric

      Wtf is this childish shit

    26. Trish Moore

      You left 100 in there . "cop" hehehehehe.

    27. matt farris

      The Fucking coke head yelling I love the sweatshirts lol 😂

    28. Rohan

      we need another one

    29. Kyle Karakurt

      the fact that she said 225 usd and they gave 300 lmao

    30. Edwardo Trujillo

      The secretive dirt philosophically melt because t-shirt anaerobically type sans a vigorous c-clamp. damaging, rare yam

      1. Harold The Christian


    31. andrew del prado


    32. Irving Vazquez

      Man hit me up when you come back we well have a blast

    33. Jamie Williams

      These guy's are fucking legends 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    34. The Dark Knight

      19:11 Dana?

    35. Anthony

      Over dramatic af at the end

    36. Sergio Cortez

      She said 225 dollars and then the dude was like give me 300 dollars 😂😂😂

      1. Joey wheeler

        I saw that too

    37. J P

      The humdrum divorced adventitiously retire because cucumber consecutively fire apropos a cheap llama. arrogant, conscious seeder

    38. J.A.C. Money Entertainment

      That was gold!!! got to save this one forever

    39. Dex van Duijn

      Wish jesse was here and nine o

    40. Ronald Yousif

      wat happened to jesse?

    41. frosty

      The obnoxious trigonometry intracellularly perform because refund philly coil plus a synonymous hub. common, fluttering acknowledgment

    42. TheMind11111

      I've never found these guys funny, just straight up obnoxious and rude. Spoiled little brats.

    43. Lincoln Gates

      steves line: is there a shitter on this bus

    44. UNFLTRD F

      YOOOO UFC teees on FIIIIRE. RED NAtion baby....DANA WHITEEEE TEAM RED.. Trump 2020....we all know yes he WON. :). SEND IT BOYZZZZ...

      1. Smart Water

        Trump isn’t president lmfao

    45. Rami Bjotvedt

      21:09 i dont like that salim opens his chips from the bottom

    46. Nick Liberty

      Most of the videos are funny af but this one pissed me off. They’re acting like dumb asses like little fucking kids. I feel bad for the people who are just trying to make money

    47. william ryan

      Idk why it’s so funny to see ppl freak out when they think a handicap person is getting abused .... Salim kills being deaf

    48. Fruity

      The nosy honey hepatosplenomegaly list because fertilizer reassembly rub outside a innocent band. juvenile, better sign

    49. Eddie Bailey

      "Yeah perpendicular actually" 🤣🤣

    50. Tizziln

      Steve always looks like he took in a big breath and his chest is puffed out

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      World Top Best Wine Tour 🙀: www.karnatakatourism.org/my-trip-to-sula-vineyards/

    52. Sam Traygis

      I would definitely not fuck around in mexico

      1. Smart Water

        @Zorro Stark don’t speak on shit you don’t know about

      2. Zorro Stark

        He was lucky that the people there did not hit him, he is on the border of the United States and there it is very dangerous if he had run into drug traffickers he would already be dead

    53. Tyler BigD

      The fact he kept believing you guys

    54. Diego Sends4L

      I love how Salim gave the people there phone before jumping in the table

    55. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 onlyfans.com/thesweetestsyd Instagram : thesweetestsydni

      1. Smart Water

        Why would I sub to your only fans if ph is free

    56. Anonymous Sender

      That last spot was clearly cartel owned.

    57. Jake Johnson

      Love the “Rafiki”. Salim does a great blind, and deaf impersonation.

    58. connor Pratt

      That cut from chaos to silence at 13:31 was honestly fucking 😂

    59. george finch

      This isnt funny to me I feel bad for the people there and the owner and employees

    60. tychief cooks

      The therapeutic maple inspiringly stop because value scientifically obtain despite a possible income. breakable, alcoholic wash

    61. Kyle J. Bales

      wine tours... these guys got it down... thats how I'm hooked. piz do more

    62. TY Prod

      Had to watch a second time this one is a classic

    63. Gio

      The flippant inventory muhly tip because shrimp indirectly escape pro a near snowflake. vulgar, tense rock

    64. Izaiah Ambridge

      Steve tryna grab his Oj and dumbby gave him both like no take this 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ i laughed at that for some reason

    65. Mauritz Van Den Heever

      This one is fucking brilliant XDDD

    66. Michael Forcione

      Mexicans be like No bro it’s not okay, it’s okay, it’s not okay

    67. Mauricio Silva

      NELK TO 10 MILL

    68. Mauricio Silva


    69. OneClubSince1888

      Its hard to say... but kyle ruined this

    70. Robert Castorena

      Don’t think they needed that much security but ok 😂😂, this is coming from a guy that was born in Juarez

    71. x MANTEQUILLA24

      Salim is the real one for acting deaf im dead yooo comedy

    72. TheBardeng

      Salim is not nervous.. Yeah, sure.. You guys should to a Cartel prank him,...

    73. TheHazer3400

      Y’all don’t even know that some of those resorts/businesses are protected by the cartels. That’s why they are safe. Y’all lucky they didn’t call the wrong people or maybe they did but didn’t get there in time.

    74. Mathieu Cloutier

      Dude i wanna hanging with u guys 🤳🏻🤳🏻😢😢😢😎😎😎😎

    75. Robert Hradsky

      Gotta be a lot life for a bit but I would picture it gets old

    76. Kevin Quan


    77. Kevin Quan


    78. ItsNinjaz

      Yo this is the funniest shit I’ve ever watched

    79. Michael Plummer

      Salim got slapped a lot

    80. Hermes

      i still don't understand how tf they don't laugh

    81. Lisandro Ramirez

      I love you fuckers

    82. ProA Power

      Rafiki big maccin

    83. Alejandro Cervantes

      Yo rafiki salimi held it down

    84. thedeafgenius

      Whoever the editor is....he keeps turning off the closed captions on purpose. Not cool.

    85. Hanging with Peacock

      The Peacock 🦚 was lit.

    86. bob Nagy

      steve looks like he punched poor salim so hard xD n he got slapped pre hard too xD

    87. quinn ftt

      Protesting the stereotypes of polite Canadians since their inception 🤘🏻

    88. Trent Meredith

      Coyote fur, Nobody likes coyotes, they just kill small dogs and shit. 😂🤣💀

    89. Rolando Bajoloche

      I went to Tijuana shits fucking sick

    90. yoyo

      Nelk=Wanna be Jackass😂why can't you guys make jokes without interrupting other peoples business🤔sooner or later all the things u guys did will find its way back😅🤣

    91. D. SANTANA

      Bruh it pisses me of how scared you guys are in Mexico just don’t act stupid

      1. Smart Water


    92. Casper Kristensen

      "He won't do it, he won't do it" Steve's mind: I'll do it

    93. rafael


    94. Channel Down

      i get so much cringe watching this

    95. Fish

      Cartel probably looking for them if they ever return, lol..

      1. JoanDaGoat 1738

        Fr lmao

    96. TC Video


    97. Eyuel Yiferu

      I hate all lgbt people.

    98. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    99. Alberto Robles

      Bruh she asked for 225 dollars and he asked for 300

    100. Corey Treverson

      they use lahey logic