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    30 - Wrong Time


    1. O Canada

      I’m not even a seltzer guy but I’ll give it a try, bring it to Canada boys

      1. Jami Laiho

        sugma nuts

      2. skilled slayerz

        From the TDot. Fuck the lcbo, take it to the beer store, they also take the empty cans back which I will have lots to return.

      3. Rxge

        Europe would be dope

      4. Zayed Omar


      5. Jack Kotocavage

        I’m just glad they’re saying it’s not sweet I hate sweet seltzer

    2. Jordan Rouse

      Need it in New Zealand

    3. H. Mtz.

      Bet it taste like shit just like cactus jack

    4. logan isenhower

      this video is top tier

    5. James Denoto


    6. Denis Hourigan

      It's fookin delicious with proper twelve mix....

    7. Liam Martin

      Change the formula just for the lcbo

    8. FutureDiabloFG

      I’m buying the wild cherry definitely he kept mentioning it

    9. Macpanther 7VNTH

      Uh oh Kyle's got that look 5:53 They better watch out, Nelk takeover ! 29:00

    10. T7oT7

      stay in the beer stores I've already asked for it!

    11. T7oT7

      dude i need this in Utah

    12. Logan Alexander

      2 minutes in and buying some😂

    13. Jim Lahey

      Stay in the beer store, stay ferda

    14. Felix Bedoya

      that intro was chilling

    15. AshtonMcFly

      Where can I get some?

    16. T. Mack

      Wisconsin sourced and a Sis can't get a drop! The sadness.

    17. Angel Hernandez

      You guys should have spare SD cards laying around so you can swap them out and not lose footage

    18. THE GLITCH

      In like 3 years I’ll see it in Nebraska

    19. BROWNandSLEEPY

      All Seltzers are fuckin dust anyway, stop the girly drinks

    20. Jax Czernejewski

      Hell yeah Wisconsin 🤘🏻

    21. Ant Tony


    22. Pickles

      will it be in ireland?

    23. The Lanyx

      We‘re waiting in Europe :)

    24. Dustin Toso

      This is canada! Beautys in the beer store!!!

    25. Tom Haliday

      Whens it gonna be in New Zealand??????

    26. Jake Loughran

      Who actually named it?

    27. ziul89

      Couldn’t get Druuski to taste? Smh

    28. ziul89

      I’ve spent the last week watching Nelk channel and Steve. I get a weird shady vibe from Kyle.

    29. Anthony Kornelsen

      Manitoba come on!!!!

    30. Gabriel Traps

      Come to san antonio TX

    31. Tom Harmony

      Nelk on shark tank!!!

    32. TheProphet VX

      yo fam i didnt even get through the vid yet but F the LC, everywhere the LC is the beer store is and there is no white claw in the beer store so dont SLIP. BEER STORE 100

    33. TheProphet VX

      kylie dont forget us in the 6ix we wanna try this shit fam

    34. Polo Biscuits

      Steve y'all are making that brewery alot of money and will for years to come if they made the right deals....point being...you shouldve lit up cigarettes weed crack...or whatever...and they should've let you

    35. Jeremy

      Great video, next level shit

    36. Doug Coulter

      You have a 43 yr old Canadian Fan here almost in Jessie's Backyard....!

    37. Twig

      S/o to Monroe WI 🙌👏

    38. João Jesus

      Im from Portugal we need to try it here 🔥

    39. BDB—CrazyBen Beat shit

      That’s bullshit you can for sure make something man-made better than lime stone

    40. Jeremy Salentine

      Natty ICE makes a seltzer in a normal 12 oz can FYI boyzzz only competition

    41. Kyle Johnson

      I fucking love nelk

    42. Douglas Kelly

      Get er in the beer store in Ontario boiis she's right down the street 2 min stumble hahaha

    43. Sean Kinnaird

      im so happy nelk is looking out for texas

    44. Brian Browder

      Yo where you get the tornadoes shirt That's my high school 30yrs ago

    45. Chase Shaw

      Bring this shit to Australia boys! We will eat this up mate

    46. Brett Rawlins

      “Big secret”.. continues to tell everybody they meet in person

      1. bcvbb hyui

        When is it coming to the UK cause I gotta taste this shit

    47. Freedom Fox

      This is super cool that I know the guys that are making their liquor I live in Wisconsin not far from Monroe and New Glarus where spotted cow beers from too and it's just amazing to see how far these guys have come

    48. hailedfeather1 legend

      Where's Kyle

    49. bocoy noiu

      about nelk is they pay back the fans for getting them where they are. OG

    50. fps josh

      The one thing I would change is making the White more a golden brown

    51. Kohl Daniels

      what happened to jesse?

      1. bocoy noiu

        Could always add a “shotty here” puncture area on the can if you have space. It would add something extra but keep the clean look to the can

    52. Derek Warkentin


    53. Harbey 138


    54. Thedetails aredark

      I think u should, like diagonally in the corner, "a real can inside" or "full size cans inside".

    55. newzy3 _

      Love you Nelk

    56. Thomas Rudzinski


    57. Django Featherstone

      Get it to Australia boys

    58. QB!K

      Distirbution meeting

    59. IGohamxTruStory ENT

      Never had seltzer shit be ass I KNOW KYLE GOT US TURN UP

    60. IGohamxTruStory ENT

      Bring it to the dmv HIT ME UP 🤙 LOL

    61. Nelson Ramos

      Kyle is innovative for sure and he holds the group together tbh he’s a great leader funny asl & smart 💯💪🏽

    62. Adam Quinn

      25:34 Ewww

    63. Dan Kress

      Stay exclusive in beer store. Don’t change recipe

    64. Joseph Maggio

      @NELK since when did Kyle get a tornadoes shirt!? I'm from clearwater (currently in largo) and I never heard of nelk visiting!?

    65. JQualityTV

      stay in the beer store

    66. M

      Could always add a “shotty here” puncture area on the can if you have space. It would add something extra but keep the clean look to the can

      1. jayden

        great idea

    67. kyle gilmartin

      Why are american beer cans so small. Do they not have 500ml cans?

    68. Dchz

      Keep making videos so i can hide and watch them at work hahahah fuck Home Depot

    69. king red beard

      Can u make a beer for men that's not seltzer lol kinda a half send you did there . u shoulda called it happy girl 😆

    70. keegan naidoo

      Kyle is the new wolf of Wall Street! Guy is a mastermind

    71. Jessie Phillips

      What about north Carolina we need it down hear

    72. Daniel Jimenez Esteban

      Hi guys this is my first comment of all this 3 years i have been watching you . Im from Spain and here are copying your drink so bad almos the same flavours and style design just for your advice. Love your fucking videos

    73. 5150 Ludwick

      The ignorant vinyl subcellularly dress because spaghetti undoubtedly shrug afore a delightful pair. puffy, rare mexican

    74. Squizzy 614

      dude thats badass... hopefully we have it somewhere here in ohio... i'd love to try it

    75. Dfromthehill

      What about grape 🍇 just a thought

    76. Callum bagley

      Shake and bake😂

    77. JordanStevens89

      U guys are like nickelback. All about fame, and forget where ur from. Bring stuff to Canada already

    78. kny

      good shit bravo

    79. shaq armstrong

      The enormous rose unexpectedly lighten because relish marginally matter unlike a selective dish. beautiful, cluttered test

    80. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Weed cash bowls thump keg watter flows

    81. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Rrun hash oil at beer failuicity

    82. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      12 high high vodka

    83. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Vodka and shurbet ice cream "cream shubit"

    84. Noah Holmes

      Why is he wearing a Clearwater high school shirt??

    85. Josh Dutton

      Natural Light has seltzer in a regular beer can. I'm pretty sure Bud Light does as well

    86. Star Wars Theory

      boys came a long way from doing prank vids in the ol home town. Proud of you.

      1. bcvbb hyui


    87. 1 7

      MAGA! WWG1WGA!

    88. Gregory Stairs

      Missed your chance to call it Nelkahol

    89. AllDayLA 34

      Whos the distributor did they say??? Trying to get it into my local 711

    90. Jakob Dollerup

      Bring it to Scandinavia, These countries can drink like no one else

    91. Zach Taylor

      Get it in the UK!

    92. You Tube

      Everyone: Talking Guy with camera: o.O

    93. z livermore


    94. daaisydiannaa buitron'97

      They are so good when your smoking 🌳 🤩

    95. RAKM

      Not gonna lie boys I’ve gone through 3 cases since drop day and I’m beyond happy! Shits crazy to find even in la but time your buys no make shit happen

    96. Aric V

      Fucking stevewilldoit really stepped up like a boss.

    97. KILLshot

      lot's of people or all people just don't understand how bad and serious hell is and it's not just burn in fire if that wasn't bad enough there's sectors of hell one of them is for Christians who did not know Jesus or said they loved him but didn't it. It is a gray dark city with people who have depression and regret and all the bad things all day no one can open their mouth and talk to the people around.

    98. Jaylin Deacon

      Jus bring it to the beer store fuck lcbo I’m finna jus cop a plane ticket to send sum of these

    99. Alexander

      We can wait lads, I'd be happy to be first in line when they're out in the BeerStores in Ontario. Salute!

    100. chris carr

      Make sure it comes to Ohio my guyyyyyyyssssss!!! 😎😎