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We Pranked a Big Foot Expert With a Fake Big Foot!


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    1. NELK

      We cant believe its real either 😂😂😂

      1. Kaden Parker

        @Perc Trump win

      2. Suher Omer

        London is da best place 2 do pranks

      3. Suher Omer

        Do pranks in London hood

      4. into the pit springbonnie

        Poor old Bigfoot hunter

      5. Envyenusaa Xx

        Steve will do it x nelk x salim the dream xmtv Jesse vs shoe nice 22 premiere is exactly on New Years it’s on my channel only new year special

    2. Florin Mocanu

      The guy probably realised that was a prank and played along with it by the end. Still funny af.

    3. buck wild

      he was so confident 😭

    4. Liam Lewander

      The big foot guy was so sweet, what an angel

    5. Holly Baker

      Listen, Ive known this guy my whole life and he has a sense of humor. I don’t doubt that he knew they were messing with him the whole time. The amount of times I’ve sassed him as a sceptic teenager when he came over to hang out with my dad, he has to know. He has kids, he was a middle school teacher, he knows what FIblock is. He knows when he’s being BSed.

      1. Holly Baker

        Kendrick James yes he is best friends with my dad. We used to carve pumpkins that he grew in his garden and go boating with his family every summer. My parents saw him a few weeks ago.

      2. Kendrick James

        You know him



    7. Baby Fark McGee-zax

      I feel bad for him a little bit

    8. Jacob

      Why can’t I watch the videos on my tv ??? Always says it’s age restricted

    9. Cj Piccio

      “He got cornholled”

    10. L I L V C I F X R

      I'm so dead

    11. Jeffrey Rosario

      14:05 “Hey Tom, shut the fuck up for a sec”💀💀💀

    12. JK F1

      Bigfoot jizz. "Looks like coyote shit to me."

    13. Oscar Saucedo

      I miss the old nelk

    14. YRB ELITE

      This is some garbage content

    15. Ddose 249

      I could never be a part of Nelk I would be lmao I’d blow the cover from laughing right away 😂

    16. Kyle Randolph

      Kyle acts like me lmaooo or I do with him sense he's a year older not even but still lol.

    17. GERARDO Villalobos

      This is fucked up

    18. Pigmalion Trading

      8:04 I’m in tears 😂😂

    19. Daniel Yes

      “He got corn holed” 🤣

      1. Wall Clock


    20. ZebraDoctor144

      "We getting a little fucked up for this?" ..."I am"

    21. derrick foster

      Come to Nebraska

    22. Kevin Nguyen

      When Rafiki ran out grabbing his ass 💀💀

    23. Killswitch

      Fuck man i miss jesse in the videos, its not the same anymore

    24. TurkyDaGoat

      Here after salim podcast😭😭😭😭😭

    25. God tier

      This is just wrong 🤣

    26. Johnathan Ben

      “He GoT cOrN hOlEd” 😂

    27. buddhagams1

      If joe Biden gets elected he’s gonna kill them all.

    28. Niels van der Meijden


    29. Leniel Gonzalez

      19:40 “Tom I will Fucking Elbow you if you Fucking Leave” 😭💀💀💀💀 bro these guys are the GOAT of this shit 😭

    30. Stephen Atwater

      Yooo this actually had me crying laughing 🤣🤣🤣

    31. cole hairsine

      I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much watching one video 😂

    32. Leonardo Rios

      Salim performance on the roof killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    33. Leonardo Rios


    34. Leonardo Rios


    35. Leonardo Rios


    36. Chris Canfield

      “Tom shut the fuck up for a second 🤣

    37. Cayden Botha

      I feel so bad

    38. Netten C

      I feel bad for laughing

    39. Ace Frehley

      This was funny!!! 🤟👍👍

    40. Matt Bruh

      Bro y’all had him the entire time till that last scene. That’s be funny as fuck if he believed he saw one for the rest of his life

    41. Joel Redden

      Go on ghost adventures!

    42. Jxy da Barber


    43. Charles Dugas

      Louisiana come. It’s legandery

    44. david ramirez

      I can't stop laughing 😭😭

    45. Sean Nunez

      Mans looks like old frank woods

    46. Crystal Rodriguez

      That’s just horrible. Feel bad for that guy

    47. Pearl_

      This is the funniest shit ever

    48. Joseph BlackWood

      My favorite part lolololol 17:48

    49. Joseph BlackWood


    50. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 Instagram : thesweetestsydni

    51. Melodic metal ❤️

      15:26 🤣🥸

    52. Big Mac

      I love the oceans 11 song

    53. Biden falls Down stairs

      😂so fucking funny

    54. KiDiMSo

      make the most savege moments and lets a drinkinng game out that vid!!!! lets go!!!!!!

    55. Masson Racicot

      This one’s a CLASSIC!!!!

    56. the black_dragon880

      Why u lookin at my commebt

    57. Strategy Plus

      14:53 man said help me (?) 😂😂😂😂

    58. ex!منفى

      imagine salim fell through the roof lmao

    59. Solomon Sandoval

      “Is it male or female”?Its both,why am I not surprised

    60. Sophia Brown

      “Maybe that’s why the populations so low” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. Jack Tabery

      How do they keep a straight face💀


      Yall Fuckers are badass !!!!! God bless nelk!!!!

    63. Cole Peterson

      The best Nelk video you guys made

    64. Kevin Gantes

      he took it from the back

    65. Marco Van Rooyen

      What about a paranormal activity video prank or something that would be funny as fck

    66. Clarinut

      What a bunch of pricks.

    67. kyle v


    68. Halos

      "You're ok buddy".."Oh he can't hear me" 😭😭😂😂

    69. Kyle Villamucho

      Poor guy

    70. George Kakos

      Come to west Bloomfield Michigan! It’s litty over here!

    71. Az Killer


    72. Simp

      your okay buddy, awe he cant hear me 😭😭😭

    73. Michael Hamel


    74. Devin Prinz

      This old man high ass fuck

    75. Mark Edward

      Salim: screams Bigfoot Expert: "thats a Cow"😂

    76. TC Video


    77. False

      Damn you got Trevor as your guide

    78. Hunter Johnson

      poor guy will never have a sighting again lmao

    79. Casey Standing Rock

      I’d call it coyote shit myself but I don’t know

    80. Hamza Charane

      They did him so wrong god damn

    81. THC Liion

      hahahahah when the sound on the vocies got alittle fuck s swear was that kind of moment when u think daaaamn now im fuckt xD

    82. Angelic june Raagas

      hes so sus o_O

    83. Shelvin Maharaj

      how epic would this scene be with Scarface movie theme song playing...

    84. KiDiMSo

      fuck netflix and tv,,youtube is where its at and nobody can compare to nelk/fullsend respect to all youtubers but yall got it

    85. KiDiMSo

      so glad jesse made a seperate channel looks unhappy doing the pranks now glad to see him do his own thing behind the scenes we need more seasons of shithole and nelk/full send

    86. KiDiMSo

      16:12 kyle: he says he hears something rafiki is deaf!!! hahahahahaha

    87. KiDiMSo

      yall should make kyle and the guy hugging each other into a shirt

    88. Toxic Elite Gaming

      Why does the old dude kinda look like big foot no offense

    89. Abby WIlliams

      I’m losing my shit watching this bro how did y’all keep it together 😭😭😂

    90. KhaosKaius

      Poor tom man😭😭

    91. James Hudson

      The background music is dope

    92. True North Sports Cards

      Rafiki sounds constepated

    93. Lucas Curac

      1:13 what just happened

    94. SKILLS THO

      1:33 that was had me laughing

    95. FatKitzz

      There’s no way this was 7 months ago I remember watching this like it was a month ago

    96. Robert fantl

      4:35 what’s the song name

    97. Erick Flores

      Lmao hilarious

    98. Josh maithie

      15:49 wtf I wasnt trying to laugh the entire time but this was 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    99. Raxslaxs

      Free Kyle!

    100. Raxslaxs

      My favorite video. The face dude made when he first seen Bigfoot is priceless..🤣😂