We Went to a Love Making Ritual in South America!


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    1. Con Calvin

      Nelk to 10

      1. John Smith

        The Russian hacker makes better videos than this BS.

      2. ClapTrap Beats

        They had 10 a long long time ago

      3. Scott Arthur

        Killer use 😂😂😂😂

      4. c4squad


      5. W0rmSniffeR

        Nelk to 10

    2. cernunnos of the wood

      These shamans know what will happen when your body dies, that's why they're able to be so patient with you and disregard the fuckery. I still enjoy seeing a new upload from you guys though.

    3. Shovely Joe

      Who's gonna be the first to tell them that Guatemala isn't in South America

    4. Josh 5.7 Ram

      Where do they come up with this shit off the top of there head 🤣

    5. Brian Browder

      That's great how you go there just to disrespect them I remember why I unsubscribed now That's really not funny Stevewilldoit is the only one of you worth watching

    6. sortega84

      A Chicago back-handie from my aunt on Easter last year ☠️

    7. Walter Ochoaa

      You guys are the shit Brodie hit me back on Instagram please need some help badly bro @4xkilos

    8. Ricky Fell

      Should make a Dion Senders jersey. Both baseball and football.

    9. Jesse Jamez

      No peta will delete that, remember what happened last time ? 😂🤣😂 lmfao

    10. George Lynch Dixon

      Man steve is just something else hahahahaha!

    11. Mohamad Houdeib

      omg nelk i love this

    12. Ryan Strahan


    13. Johnny Michoacan


    14. mkwa

      his dad name must have been lays

    15. Nate one

      honestly I've not laughed this hard in a while but I feel for the couples trying to save their relationship and you fuck up their retreat

    16. TrexyTame

      Started pissing out of my eyes when Kyle started swimming

    17. mikeironman

      LMAO 🤣😆



    19. DoomZ

      This is the funniest video ever

    20. Nick Fish

      The way Steve reacted to that bump, I can tell you 100% that’s the exact same feeling you get when you snort a flexeril.

    21. Quique Cabedo

      So Steve and Kyle fuck a goldfish

    22. bm1


    23. Ed Z.

      none of this made ANYYY sense

    24. Mohamad Delowar

      No way this is real

    25. Bryan Zepeda

      Lowkey this tradition changed all of you guys for the better!!!

    26. Anthony Vandekerkhove

      Hahahahhaa when he said his mom's name was doritos and kept a straight face I died!!! 🤣🤣🤪 8:10

    27. Joey Cortijo

      I thought she was seeing other fish 🤣 🤣

    28. Ivan Lane

      I love how there sp serious

    29. Trish Moore

      This was amazing

    30. Elite King

      905 would do it in a heart beat

    31. m0k0hh

      9:24 dude spit on em 4 times nd he like i feel great.

    32. Mark Turner

      I fucking love how awkward and hilarious that ritual was 🤣🤣🤣🤣lmfaoooo

    33. Inbound

      24 and a half minutes of 24k gold right here

    34. Adam Gajewski

      These guys are fucking hilarious

    35. STAMPS SS

      Bro i love these girls there fucking hilarious

    36. Tony Dovolani

      Bro kick jimmy gambles tf outta nelk

    37. F**k a Username

      what is dude shooting up their nose?

    38. SmokeySancheZ

      My names Adolf 💀

    39. Odin Andresen

      "you are the most beautiful thing i've never seen" Bro i was dead after that :0

    40. DabbyT

      I swear these boys need a movie. “Yo Carlos, this nature shit lit.” is some iconic quotable shit 😂😂

    41. Eckels

      I regret I didn't see this video until now

    42. Ultra Clips YT

      The fact that there is a Fullsend Crypto and Steve hasn't jumped all over that shit is incredible to me.

    43. Zapry

      Whos that blonde bird not julia the other one

    44. BDale

      You are ALL absolute lunatics!

    45. Mekato

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the buffed guy is or Broke Lesnar’s son

    46. Follow Him

      This vid sucked

    47. Chris Canfield

      Salim is top shelf

    48. Chris Canfield

      Chicago backhand

    49. Bt 26x

      LMAO with the fish. Got they had me in tears. 😂😆

    50. Callifix

      the is so fucking hillarius. much love from Denmark keep it up

    51. Wutbitch 420

      905 Would do it!

    52. Shasha Jay

      I loved when you were pretending to bang the goldfish in the bushes Steve 😅🤣😂 Also when the girls said bag of chips was $50 lol and the reactions of your faces after the man blew that stuff up your noses through the pipe 😅🤣😂

    53. Joshua Rule

      The late enemy definitely scorch because armchair considerably move below a natural mosquito. tacky, drab tractor

    54. jake wellman

      They were Pissed

    55. Hillz

      It’s Steve fucking a fish for me

    56. Robbie Eads

      you guys are so funny I can't stop laughing

    57. Saj T

      "he met his fish thru mine" Kyle. 💀👌

    58. Emil Baowzfeldt


    59. Mateo Lopez

      15:29 no good looking girls here just us

    60. Hoosier Outdoors

      Can't get enough of the pranks. I love this shit.

    61. panda_boss_


    62. Jawad H

      Where’s Jesse?

    63. brett Solo

      The salim outro😂😂😂


      dlya menya eto vse yzas!!!!!

    65. SamTurnss

      "my name's Adolf" I HOWLED

    66. Kevin Pipeliner

      Nobody: salmi:I’m from Compton nigga

    67. JohnyAragon

      You guys should do ayauasca

    68. Matt Does Youtube

      damn man this shit cures depression

    69. Avtar Dhillon

      Really disrespectful

    70. ZenohFN

      I be doing Hapè all the time

    71. Meghan awn

      Where is Jesse?

    72. Blazefuture

      Lmao 🤣 that shut the F**ck UP!!! Got me dead 💀

    73. david ramirez

      Lmao when he was humping that fish bowl...classic

    74. Hoka 999

      peng ting

    75. Scuzz Glass


    76. Alexander Murphy

      Let’s go.

    77. Ramon Raggio Jr

      I’m in love with the girl in the cheetah hat omg 😳😍she’s gorgeous 😘

    78. Getnet Solomon

      you are the most beautiful thing i've never seen. Man that shit is HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!


      these fucking guys lol

    80. Roozbeh

      wtf did i just watch;) heheheh

    81. Brendan Johanson


    82. ZUCK DUCK

      Way better content than Mr Beast

    83. Miguel Andres Manuel


    84. Cameron M

      Just glad Rafiki did it

    85. b r

      They are the best I laugh so hard what the fuck

    86. Truth Enforcer

      might be the best prank of all hahaha when steve started takin it up a notch with the molesting of the fish it took me out, how kyle not break character amazes me silencioooo lol

    87. Liam Booth

      Julia made this video 10x better

    88. Mr Anon 1995

      Who's the girl in the thumbnail 😍

    89. a p

      These people are sad. Kyle and jesse were funny this is just rubbish

    90. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭 onlyfans.com/thesweetestsyd

    91. Joe Oner


    92. xldxseans asmr

      The orgasm place island was definitely for the nelk boys lol

    93. xldxseans asmr

      With nelk life goes so far 2 months already it feels like a week

    94. Egehan Yildirim

      "do you know any 42dugg acoustic songs" omfg

    95. Mason Smith

      I’m all for autism awareness was wildly underrated 😂😂

    96. Ebay DeNiro

      I never laughed so fucking hard lmfao

    97. God of Lovers

      This is kinda hilarious, but I kinda feel bad because these are serious rituals for spiritual healing they take serious....but still fucking hilarious to see there reactions when talking about Chicago back handies lol.

    98. VinnieOnKbnm

      It’s funny to watch all the people taking the ceremony seriously then you got them being them😂

    99. Bryan Fisk

      Got him with the wild card "905 would do it" hahaha

    100. Middletn

      I can’t fukin deal with you ahahah you really made her think u getting a Easter treat from your auntie